Sunday, January 24, 2010

Stardust awards

The Stardust awards were held last week on 17th Jan, 2010 in Mumbai. No idea who won what but there were lots of winners on the red carpet. I have rated them from 1 bindi ("What was she thinking!!") to 5 bindis ("I will kill for that outfit:-)"). If you do not know what a bindi is, click here.

Preity wore a beautiful blue dress accessorized with a silver clutch. Love the dress and the color.
Ratings : 5 bindis

The color looks good on her although I didnt like the purse.
Ratings : 5 bindis

Ratings : 5 bindis

Love the way Lara accessorized the white dress with red necklace/earrings..Boho-chic!!
Ratings : 5 bindis

This is a one-shoulder dress but because of the hair, we cant see it properly. She could have taken the hem in as its too long:-) Some stacked bangles would have looked nice.
Ratings : 4 bindis

The neckline is very pretty and so is the color, although her hair looks messy.
Ratings :4

I love the blouse color and her earrings. Bangles would have looked nice.
Ratings : 5

Ratings : 3.5

The dress is good but the embroidery on her bodice looks a little tacky.
Ratings :3.5

The blouse gives it a very "item" look.
Ratings :3

The dress could have done without the feathers and a clutch in black color would have looked better.
Ratings : 2

Didnt like the dress or the hairstyle. The shoes are also bad.
Ratings : 1

The dress is way too tight and it looks like she is hiding her flab with the purse:-)
Ratings : 1

YIKES!!! I am all for pushing fashion boundaries but this?? Its very garish..
Rating : 1

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