Sunday, February 28, 2010

55th Filmfare Awards - The sari brigade

Who: Sridevi

Sridevi looks very elegant and I totally digg her blouse but..There is always a but:-) I think the sari was too simple for the occasion. The color is very sophisticated but since there is only some beading at the borders, the whole thing looks a little dull..

Who: Kajol

Kajol is my favorite actress and its her first appearance on my blog!! Muah!!

Kajol has been very open in her disdain for dressing up which kind of breaks my heart since I dream about clothes:-) Well, all's fair in love, war and fashion. Lovely smile, honey, but even that cant save your outfit. The ribbons in the sari totally spoil it for me. The black/gold border is a good contrast with the tomato-red sari but the ribbons, the ribbons!! What was the designer smoking??...Pretty dramatic earrings!!

Who: Kalki Koechlin (Best Actress in Supporting Role for DevD)

The color of Kalki's sari is very similar to Sridevi's but because of the all-over embellishments, she looks more red-carpet worthy. Her blouse style is very difficult to pull off but I think she does a good job. Do note her cute hair accessory..My only crib - she should have gone for a bold, dramatic red lip-color.

Who: Mugdha Godse

I cant figure out if thats a sari or a skirt on top of sari with a dupatta or maybe my eyes cant take it anymore.. I do commend Mugdha for being consistent and persistent - she is always the worst dressed on the carpet. That must require a lot of effort, no??

Other celebs in Sari
Left: Urmila (long time, no see)
Right: Shabana Azmi (nice!!)

Left: Sophie (too busy a pattern)
Right: Udita Goswamy (thought its a screen test for item girls)

The award for best dressed in sari goes to:

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55th Filmfare Awards - the wives club

Left: Gauri Khan, Right : Hrithik and Suzanne Roshan

Gauri has not only been a Vogue cover girl but was also the showstopper on the ramp for Karan Johar's fashion line. There is an immense interest in her since she is married to the King Khan. She pretty much wears high-end designer stuff but one thing is consistent about her - her makeup. She always, always looks oily- not sure if she likes that kind of shiny look or no-one has the guts to point it out to her..... Anyways, I like the color of her dress but not the style. The bottom half looks like a sari :-P An empire waist would have looked better with this beautiful draping.

Suzzane is wearing one of the better looks seen at the awards. I love everything about the gown - the cut, the fabulous color, the halter neck.. For a change, her hair looks good too.

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Saturday, February 27, 2010

55th Filmfare Awards - Best Actress

The 55th Filmfare awards were held in Mumbai on 27th Feb. These awards are India's Oscars and were first introduced in 1954. They honor both artistic and technical excellence of professionals in the Hindi language film industry of India. We had some great films and acting nominations. The awards have been presented but our work is not done..Lets see who wins the awards for the red carpet!!

Best Actress

Deepika Padukone for Love Aaj Kal

The dress is nothing great - in fact its boring. I do like the draping on the bust, the peek of black satin/leather but the fit around the waist seems a little off. The hair and makeup is flawless. I have to say I am little disappointed in Ms Padukone since she usually dresses up for such events.

Vidya Balan (Winner) for Paa

Congratulations!! The sari is gorgeously draped and it appears she has lots oodles of weight - she is really glowing in the second pic - I guess winning does that to you:-)

I didn't like the mustard/orange combination and the rudraksh is a nice touch but they should have been a size smaller and middle gold thingie in the necklace is horrible - instead an antique pendant would have looked better. I must add she may be lacking a dress sense but she makes it up in the acting department. wot say?

Katrina Kaif for New York

This is the only picture available and doesn't show the entire dress:-( I totally dig the color and the top half of the dress. She looks pretty in a simple hairstyle.

The other best actress nominees were - Kareena Kapoor (double nominee) and Priyanka Chopra.

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Friday, February 26, 2010

Tacky, tacky, tacky

Who: Mugdha (top) and Zarine (bottom)

What is wrong with you girls? Mugdha especially is a repeat offender and this time decided to dress up with lights turned off, grabbing whatever came in her hand. And Zarine, did the invite say "Prom night"?? This has to be the tackiest prom dress ever. Ever. Both of them need stylists, ASAP..Seriously, Vidya Balan looks best dressed compared these two dweebs...

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Chitrangda at Espirit store launch

Is the dress stunning or what?? did you see the golden embroidery on her sleeve and the flash of blue color?? Its these little details that make a difference between a dress and a dress..Her eye makeup is good but the hair kinda looks weird - is she wearing a wig??

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55th Filmfare Awards Pre-Party

Who: Shruti Hassan

Sequins are an attention-seeking material. With something as fleshy as sequins, its important to keep it causal so as to not look like a drag queen. I am not a top-to-toe sequins girl but prefer to wear just one piece to add glamor to an outfit. Shruti gets it right by wearing her graphic sequins t-shirt over slim jeams - a very rock and roll look.. The shoes are dead-on, not sure about the black necklaces.

Even though she looks cute, is jeans ok for red-carpet? what do you guys think?

Who: Sridevi

After a couple of good looks on the red-carpet, Sridevi takes a stumble here. What really surprises me is that Sridevi, being a such a red-carpet veteran, forgot that the flash-bulbs will pick up her nude undergarment...On someone her age, it looks very trashy..

Who: Dia Mirza

I have looked at this pic for a loooong time and am going to say it straight out that the dress does not do anything for me. It somehow looks as if Dia forgot to ear her pants/salvaar and it simply doesn't work as a dress. The color is okay but shoes are too chunky for this look. Did she cut her hair short a la Padukone??

Who: Genelia D'souza

What happened, chica? you got into a fight with Amrita Rao as you both wore similar outfits to Shahid's birthday party and she looked better??

This dress really showcases her rocking figure, toned golden legs and delicate collar bones:-) Genelia tends to have more bad days than good days on the red-carpet. Today is her good day - the outfit is little edgy but she is young and can carry it off..The shoes are a nay- some fierce gladiator shoes in black would have looked better..

Who: Asin

How gorgeous is her hair, makeup, shoes and ooooh, totally, totally dig the lipstick shade...Don't even bother with the dress -- admire her glowing face and scroll down to the next picture..

Who: Shazahn

I like the colors of this dress but not the ruffles. Overall, she looks cute..What do you guys think? hit or a miss??

Who: Rahul Khanna

Dreamboat, sigh!! And I don't care he is wearing brown shoes with black suit..Lets show some love, girls:-)

Who is the best dressed at the Filmfare Pre-party?

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Thursday, February 25, 2010

New fashionista in town

I really love it when celebs not just wear designer stuff but give the clothes a personality by combining the pieces in their own stylish, quirky manner. I have been totally digging the outfits Sonia has been wearing in the last few months - sometimes its bad but I like the way she is playing with her clothes. Fashion is meant to be fun..

Sonia at Teen patti screening

The stripes t-shirt and white ruffle skirt looks nice but the vest really blows the look away. The waistcoat/vest came into fashion spotlight after Kate Moss was snapped in one while attending Glastonbury 2005. Its a pretty versatile piece to have in one's closet- u can wear it open or buttoned, with jeans, short, skirts or dresses and it comes in different styles and fabrics (lace, denim, etc)

I am soo looking forward to her next appearance..

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Harper Bazaar - Anniversary cover & Party

I am feeling too lazy to do two separate posts -- for Harper's Bazaar one year anniversary cover and the other for anniversary party two posts for the price for one!! Its the recession, chicas, everyone is giving discounts...

Warning: The cover features Hrithik and Katrina and they look hot, so grab an icy drink before u look at the pics..

Here are some more pics from the photo-shoot:

Hubby dear, stop drooling... Two beautiful people make one smoking couple!!Not sure if I like Hrithik better with or without the beard. Katrina is doing the only thing she knows - being a barbie doll. I hope they star in a movie soon..What do you guys think - which Hollywood chick-flick remake will be appropriate for them??

Given that Katrina was the cover girl, she did not turn up for the anniversary party - at least I could not find any pics..In fact, I only saw guys on the red carpet. Where did all the gals disappear?

Left: Hrithik, Right: Karan Johar

Hrithik disappoints - I just dont like the vest he wore and, ummm, he looks so greasy?? I like him with the beard - hey, that was an easy decision. Karan looks like a penguin in that white-black tux.

Left: Rahul Khanna, Right: Arjun Ramphal

Rahul looks really dapper in his suit. I wish he would stop doing the "blink, u miss" roles in movies and do a full-fledged one. Arjun, I am all for bandana's but not on the red-carpet. That and sneakers and shirt not tucked in - all too causal for the red carpet.

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Fashion Faceoff

Left: Anjana Sukhani at Aradhana screening
Right : Sridevi at Raveena album launch

Jeans with white top - classic combo...I have to say Sridevi is still giving celebs half her age a run for their money.

Who wore it better?
Anjana Sukhani

Left: Celina at V Care Indian Super Queen Finals
Right: Laila Khan at Punjab grill opening

Celina wore a sequins V-neck top with her black lace saree whereas Laila went for a bustier style and a gold purse.

Who wore it better?

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Salvatore Ferragamo cocktail party

Who: Queenie Dhody

I am not sure what look she is going for here - rainbow?? tropical bird?? I do spot some feathers in her hand..oops, thats her clutch..And is that a flower on her blouse?? I think she is going for the whole forest:-) If she had gone for a sequins blouse in blue or green, this would have worked..

Who: Neha Dhupia

And on the other hand, we have Neha who went for a complete monochromatic grey look with grey accessories. Lets first just look at the clothes - the architectural skirt, concentric circles of sequins at the neckline and the unfinished effect at the waistline - really nice... But it just doesnt fly - the top is one size big for her, the skirt is sitting too low on her waist and too long -- the hemline should have hit her at the knees. Dont like her hair either - it elongates her face..Never noticed her Jay Leno chin before, hmmmm...

Who: Natasha Poonawalla

I am on the fence on this one. Its a lot of bling, bling for me but she does carry it off by toning down the accessories.. What do you guys think?

Who: I dont know and I dont care

If you have been following my blog, then you know I hate jumpers and rompers of all kinds..I wish this trend would just go away..

Who: Madhoo( left) and Gayatri Joshi (right)

Two cute outfits completely undone by the clutches..All is not lost, girls, just swap them..

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Monday, February 22, 2010

Black n white

Who: Neha Dhupia
Where: Unveiling of Police timepieces

Black and white is one of my favorite combo as its a timeless look. I usually try to add a pop of color but sometimes its best to keep it simple. But the key to this look is in the details - texture, pattern and embellishments..Neha here uses contrast in two ways - one being the color and the the other being texture (top - cotton, skirt - silk/satin). The top is esp. cute with ruffles and delicate black lace..To be honest, I would have skipped the jewelery but Neha totally kicks ass here.

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I love my .....

I love it when celebs wear the same outfit again. It just means they love the dress and are happy to wear it again.

Who: Neetu Chandra
Left: Hide and Seek music launch, Right : Mahurat of film 143, I love you

Neetu wore the same one shoulder dress with ruching along the right side again for a film launch but changed her shoes and added some really ugly thing on her neck. I liked it when she wore it first time. What do you guys think?

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Shop the Star style

Who: Sonia Mehra
Where: DNA style awards

Sonia Mehra looked cute in a front ruffle dress (shoes - yay!!, clutch - nay!!). Found two similar dresses - the purple is by Cynthia Vincent can be purchased from here and the white one is from ASOS.

Who: Kareena
Where: Don't Loose your Mind, Loose your weight book promotional event.

Kareena looked casual chic in a plaid shirt, skinny jeans and boots. While Kareena paired the shirt with skinny jeans, you can easily wear it with leggings. The pink shirt is from Express and the right-most is from Shopbob.

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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Celebrity Couple - Twinkle and Akshay

How cute are these matching outfits? and they look so lovey-dovey:-) Twinkle is elegance personified in this off-white/gold churidar kameej and I love Akshay's gold shoes. Do note that she didn't go for gold jewelery but emerald earrings. Great genes, great style and a gorgeous mate - how lucky can Twinkle be!!

Now that I am done drooling, I just realized that the occasion is a wedding.. dont you guys think its a little low-key for a wedding??

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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Event : Wave Concert

Some of the red carpet looks at the Wave concert, 2010.

Who: Koena Mitra

There isn't anything wrong in this look but I have never liked the yellow-pink combination - its too garish for my taste. And why is she holding the purse in such a weird manner as if its a trophy or something..Read in some blog that she looks like poor man's Bipasha and now whenever I look at her I see Bipasha..what do you guys thing?

Who : Neha Dhupia

Yet another neckline hidden by hair (remember Asin@stardust awards). I just cant see how the top looks and bottom half (below her knees) looks ill-fitted to me - the fabric is not draping correctly... love, love the color, pearl-drop earring and her makeup.

Who : Mughda Godse

Mugdha rarely gets it right on the red carpet and this one is a miss too. This gown is pretty with the embroidery on the sheer panel, bandage look and a tulle skirt but she should have gone with a brighter color. The beige makes her look pale and her makeup isn't helping either. I do like it that she didn't overdo the accessories since the gown is very dressy.

Who: Genelia D'souza

I find Genelia very cute and vivacious and I am trying really hard to like something in this outfit..but its two thumbs down:-( Wearing a contrasting pattern like dots with stripes is a challenge and u need to have the combined fashion power of SJP+ Olsen twins to pull it off. The saree is nothing great - it looks too causal and the blouse simply doesn't work. Dont like her hair either..Better luck next time!!

Who: Minissha Lamba

I could not find a close-up shot of Minissha so one will have to what do you think?? me thinks Minissha really shines in this Grecian inspired asymmetric gown with jeweled details at the empire waist. The key to wearing full-length one-shoulder dresses is to make sure they hug the bodice but have a flared or full skirt.This one is perfect..

Who: Freida Pinto

Saved the best for the last!! Freida looks flawless - beautiful smile, stunning dress, perfect shoes and earrings. I also love that she left her neck unadorned which highlights her delicate collar-bones and shimmery neckline. She certainly is sustenance for the sartorial soul! I am soooo lusting after this dress!!

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Fashion Faceoff

Looks like the dress code for DNA Style Awards, was black becoz majority of the celebrities turned up in black outifts with varying hemlines.

Left: Sonam Kapoor
Right: Lisa Haydon

First, we have is Sonam Kapoor - I like the origami pleats of this dress and the contrast of white but the booties - they have to go!!! It completely spoils the look. This will not do, Sonam, you are a known fashionista and we expect perfection from you every time...Next is Lisa in a spagetti strapped, bodycon dress paired with the perfect two-toned shoes. She completely rocks this dress!!

Left: Sophie Choudhry
Right: Sushmita Sen

Sophie and Sushmita go for short black dress - nice legs, ladies. Sushmita looks elegant but me no likey her shoes.

Malaika Arora Khan

Malaika wore a floor length gown with beaded halter neck - which emphasizes her curves as usual. If you have it, flaunt it, right Malaika:-) Totally dig her makeup!!

Who rocks at the DNA awards?

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Celebs on the Ramp - Mughda Godse

Mughda in a soft, layered, billowy gown for Archana Kochhar. The shirred bodice and the sweetheart neckline is accented with gleaming crystal embellishments and the color is universally flattering. Totally red carpet look!!

Katrina in Herve Leger

Looks like bollywood cant get enough of Herve Leger Bandage dress. Twinkle and Sridevi, both wore the skin-tight bandage dress for the Stardust awards and Sophie was also spotted in one..Now, its Katrina's turn.

I love the use of pink on this dress - the burst of color really elevates this dress. But her idea of color coordinating her shoes with the pink on her shoulder doesn't work. The dress has lot of things going on and simple, strappy grey heels would have looked better.. What do you guys think??

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

LBD - a do and a dont

Who: Deepika, Shipla Shetty
Where: Airtel Mirchi Music awards, Sanjay Dutt's marriage anniversary party, respectively

Deepika looks like she is heading to the prom in that sequins dress and the silver clutch is the only thing that I liked..Shilpa looks classy but her face doesn't match the rest of her body. Too much foundation??..So who do you think rocked and who fell flat?

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Is that you - Kangana?

Kangana Ranaut

No, no, no.. Its always so much fun to see what Kangana is wearing that this looks so, ummm, boring, girl-next-door..Bring back ur edgy style!!

The green/white combination reminds me of the most iconic green/white worn on Indian cinema..yup, you are right, who can forget Madhuri Dixit in Hum Aapke Hai Kaun.

Madhuri Dixit

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