Thursday, April 29, 2010

Shop the Spring trend - Ikat print

Ethnic inspired Ikat prints have been hot for some time and they are still going strong for Spring/Summer. They were featured on the runaways of Marc Jacobs, Gucci, Dries van Noten and DVF. Ikat prints are created by dying portions of thread and then weaving that thread into cloth. For more information about Ikat print's history, click here.

Ikat prints are really bright and eye-catching and very boho chic. Just adding a single piece like scarf can energize ur outfit. I am really looking forward to wearing Ikat in silk with accessories minimal so that the print is the focal point. You can also mix and match the prints - I would keep them in the same color palette and the print size small. Depending on the size/color, Ikat can also be paired with edgy rock accessories.... Go Ikat:-)

L to R: Nordstorm ($194), Asos ($76), Nordstorm( $98)

L to R : Delias ($34.50), shopbird ($158) , ArdenB ($34.50)

L to R: Free People ($79.99), Macys ($14.99), Rachel Roy for Macys ($101)

L to R : endless ($75.90), Rachel Roy($28), endless ($98)

For more accessories, please look at my stylefeed..

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Fashion Faceoff - Classic Khakis

Khakis are like jeans, they are never out of style. This year they had a major presence on the Spring 2010 runaways of Chloe, Blamain and Celine. Blazers, shirts, skirts, dresses even shoes and bags are sporting the Khaki look and color. I have worn a lot Khaki pants but this year I am looking for the perfect shirt dress.

Left: Gul Panag, Right: Unidentified guest:-)
Where: AND Shop for change event

Gul and Guest, both wore Khaki dresses to the event. I liked the Guest's dress better; she also paired it with really cute shoes..

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The dog ate my shirt..

Who: Sushmita Sen
Where : At Miss Universe event - I am she

..and I wore what was left:-)

This could have been a cool Annie Hall look if she had just skipped that thingie around her neck!!

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Fashion Faceoff

Left: Sushmita Sen, Right: Natasha Poonawalla
Where: 'Kitsch' couture show

Sushmita and Natasha wore very similar one shoulder, big ruffle dresses to the 'Kitsch' event..Sush wore peep-toes whereas Natasha paired hers with metallic brown pumps. Both look nice but Sush is the winner since she looks divatastic!!

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Looks of the day

Who: Priya Chatwal
Where: (L) Aza's unveiling of new collection, (R) At her own launch of 'Kitsch' boutique

This is how I would do day/night if I had her bank balance.. At least she wore the same Christian Louboutin:-) I love the way her jeans are torn at the hem- so unexpected.. The dress on the right is from Lanvin, Spring 2010

Who: Rani Jethmalani
Where: Aza's unveiling of new collection

I think one of my blogger friends, Tanvii, is going to love this print as she is sooo into Paisley:-) Another dress that I would buy in a heartbeat along with the belt if not for the hemline.. The handkerchief hemline completely spoils it for me:-(

Rani is one of the top criminal lawyers in India..

Who: Isha Koppikar
Where: Aza's unveiling of new collection

I know, I know, I am so going to hell!!

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Monday, April 26, 2010

Vibrant Lara

Who: Lara Dutta
Where: 'Housefull' movie promotions

Yay!! Something other than florals and white saris!! That is one super bright top that kinda conveys her joie de vivre, don't you think? She looks radiant...Chica, it breaks my heart to criticize you but the contrast with white leggings doesn't gel and somehow it feels as if the leggings are small/short. She should have gone for a shorter length top or ditched the leggings and worn it as a dress. Nay to the tacky shoes..

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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Event: Raavan Music Launch

Who: Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

Aishwarya wore a white/red Sabyasachi sari for the music launch. The sari is nothing great nor is it bad - I am just plain bored with Sabyasachi stuff.. Her pin straight hair/central parting reminds me of Celina. yikes, Aish copying Celina??? Stop the world, I am getting off:-)

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Dia in Florals

Who: Dia Mirza
Where: 98.3FM Radio Mirchi's 8th bday with NGO kids

That is a very cute watercolor, floral print. I found the dress a little shapeless but her smiling demeanor and confident body language pulls it off..What do you guys think??

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Friday, April 23, 2010

Event : IPL Awards red carpet

Left: Dia Mirza
Right: Mehr Jessia Ramphal

Dia wore a cute LBD - the nipped waist and big shoulders highlight her hourglass figure. She is a winner except for the ugly shoes. Mehr wore a drapey dress which ummmm, hummm, I really don't get:-) Also, the no-makeup thing makes her look older than her actual age.

The Sisters do us proud!
Left: Shilpa Shetty
Right: Shamita Shetty

The sisters are wearing such lovely colors!! Looks like the deep blue is the current flavor of the month since we have seen so many celebs in it. I am not complaining since Shilpa looks like a glamorous movie star....The shoes are sooo yuck..I really don't get the celebs - why don't they pay attention to footwear?? So many beautiful outfits undone by ugly shoes....

Shamita is also flawless, love the draping of the dress and hallelujah, perfect shoes!!! Not sure why she brought her pet bird to the party.. Oh, thats not a bird on her right shoulder..oops;-)

Hot, Red Hot
Left: Preity Zinta
Right: Vida Samadzai

This is the only pic I could find of the lovely Ms. Zinta:-( The sash/embroidery at the waist looks very interesting..

Vida is smoking hot in a body hugging dress. Do love the embellishment on the dainty halter neck straps.

Peaches and Cream
Left: Amrita Rao
Right: Sameera Reddy

Looks like Amrita is sleep walking - how else to explain this tacky nightdress and the shiny boobs??

Sameera in a beautiful printed, cream dress that hugs her figure and reveals her best assests. This is Sameera's best look on the red carpet, ever. The dress is very similar to what Tanushree wore to the 'Apartment' premier except Tanushree's was in grey..Is furnishings fabric the new 'in' thing??

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Style Diary

Who: Sushmita Sen
Where: Bal Bhavan event

Sushmita hits all the right notes in this bright blue jumpsuit and perfect makeup. Well done, babe.

What do you think?
Love it!!
Shove it!!

Who: Mugdha Godse
Where: At the launch of SOBO for men

After all the disasters on the red carpet, this is pretty good for Mugdha although it does look like she is suffering from accessories overload.

What do you think?
Love it!!
Shove it!!

Who: Tanushree
Where: Promotion of 'Apartment' movie

A very unusual print on a dress - at first it reminded me of furnishing fabrics but then the look kinda grew on me. Should I wear it or should I sit on it:-)

What do you think?
Love it!!
Shove it!!

Who: Simran Suri
Where: 'Muskurake Dekh Zara' permier

What a gorgeous smile!! Do love the color of the dress and the style but looks like Ms Suri got a little bit carried away in matching her silver accessories..

What do you think?
Love it!!
Shove it!!
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Katy Perry in Manish Arora

Who: Katy Perry
Where: ASCAP Pop Music Awards

I will be the first to admit that Manish Arora is not my cup of tea - too bright and avant garde for me. Here we have Kate Perry wearing his dress and Jimmy Choo shoes. I do like the colors of the dress but not the hemline and the shoes clash with the dress... btw, the shoes glow when u walk...Dont know whether to cry or laugh at that..

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I can never wear florals again!

Someone please make her stop!! Sigh, Girlfriend needs an intervention..If you hold her, I will take her credit cards away:-)

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Kangana Ranaut - Filmfare scans, April 2010

Don't get me wrong, Ms Ranaut is looking great but there is an uncanny resemblance to Victoria Beckham here. If someone had hidden her face, I would have sworn its Victoria..Similar hairstyle and the hands on the waist, hunching forward is sooo Victoria:-)

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Looks of the day

Who: Shilpa Shetty
Where: Event to annouce 'Zara Nach ke Dikha' judges

Dayum!! This women is on a roll - one hit after the other on the red carpet. I cant make up my mind about what I like best about this look - the coral color, the beautiful cut of the dress or the necklace. She is stunning enough to frame....

Who: Sushmita Sen
Where: Launch of charcoal exhibition by Gautam Patole

Ms Sen wears one of the hottest Spring 2010 trends - the lingerie on display trend. Seeing how she has positioned her hands I am not sure if this was a fashion choice or an oops-my-top-is-transparent mistake!! Whatever it was, she doesn't look tacky but graceful as always - which is a feat since we all can see her underpinnings:-)

What do you guys think about this trend - is it best left to celebs or are you going to wear it?

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Monday, April 19, 2010

Spotted around town

Who:Priya Sachdeva
Where: Suresh-Devika Bhojwani's Bash

That is one high wattage, hot-night-out look and she really does justice to the bodycon dress!! I wish her hair was pulled back so that we could see the neckline... I wonder how many assistants were needed to squeeze her into it..maybe they spray-painted it on her:-)

Who: Aarti Chhabria
Where: Launch of Country Club new scheme

This could have been a perfect dress for summer - flirty frock and lots of skin, if you can look past the jarring black belt..Her hair and makeup is flawless and combined with the girly dress, gives her a very doll-like appearance. Dont like the, lets go back to staring at her belt - maybe our collective powers will make it go away:p

Who: Chitrangada Singh
Where: 'Collectors guide to Spas of India' book launch

We are seeing lots of white saris this summer - this one is with silver embroidery paired with an attractively embellished blouse... Hair is looking good and Chitrangada is glowing as usual..

Who: Ayesha Takia
Where: At various 'Pathshala' film promotion events

I don't understand Ayesha's obsession with cowl necks and tights. This isn't her best look. Since she is busty, this outfit gives her an unflattering V-shape. I think she she should go for well-fitted tops and balance her top half with either a-line skirts/bootcut jeans or wear an empire-waist dress..what do u guys think?

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Friday, April 16, 2010

Event: Laila Khan's Wedding Reception

This is going to be short and sweet post since its Friday night.. I wish I could say I have a rocking party to go to but the reality is I am sleepy:-)

Left: Dia, Right: Farah Ali Khan
An awesome appearance by the lovely Dia after a looong time!! Lovely shade of pista green and I love the design of the sari - how the embroidery density changes between the body of the sari and the pallu. Jewelery is a little un-coordinated.

Isn't Farah's outfit stunning and how divine is the top's hemline?? The purse looks like a last min addition as it doesn't gel with the outfit..Her necklace is stunning.

Left: Pooja, Right: Mallika (Zayed Khan's wife)
Pooja wore a golden gown which she accessorized with big green, emerald brooch. Malaika wore a nice, summery shade of blue paired with an ethereal necklace but she looks a little washed out.

Left: Celeb/Socialite, Right: Prerna Goel
The sari on the left is way too simple for this bling-bling wedding but I liked the gentle shading of this sari, the contrast with turquoise blue and the brocade top. Prena also wore a simple sari but it sooo elegant and the itsy-bisty straps of the top highlight her narrow shoulders.

On the Fence
Left: Rekha, Right: Aishwarya Rai
Neck up Rekha looks good but her sari has a very unfinished look. Aish wore a nice, bright color but the suit is very simple and there isn't anything that makes me go "wow".

Left: Raageshwari, Right: Suzanne
Raageshwari's suit is pretty okay but purple peep-toes?? is she color blind? Totally on the fence about Suzanne's sari and again a gold purse with silver embellished sari ?? maybe these Gals have split-personalities..

Left: Madhoo, Right: Celeb/Socialite
Madhoo wore a simple, boring golden sari. The socialite on the right, wore a really sexy cutout gown for the reception but it falls a little flat. Also, the gown doesn't go with the very traditional Kundan (looks like Kundan) jewelery. I can so kill her for the exquisite jewels:-)

Left: Celina, Right: Amisha Patel
Celina - sigh, where to start?? tacky outfit, bad makeup, unnecessary large bindi, severe hairstyle..

Amisha - I didn't like the velvet in this dress and the contrast with silver embroidery.

Rahul Khanna

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Shop the Spring trend - Metal accents

Weekend is here - time to spend some/all of our hard earned moolah. I work to shop:-) Today we look at metal accents - a special request from one of my earliest followers, Maitri. In fact, she picked a lot of the outfits today.

Metal details are hot this spring and they add a rock n roll, rebellious attitude to any outfit. Depending upon how you style it, you can either go for a biker or a punk yet chic look. For a biker look, go for metal studs that are large in size, pyramid shaped, pointy/spiky, loads of black eyeliner and it will help ur cause if you ride with the Hells Angel:-) For a punk chic look, go for a classy silhouette with small, round metal studs and wear only one or two pieces of this trend. I usually add some styling tips but fashion is all about fun, trying new combinations and finding something that makes you comfortable..So lets kick some ass!!

L to R: Guess ($69.99) , Forever21 ($27.80), ToryBurch($425)

L to R: Otte ($145) , Forever21 ($14.99), Express ($69.50)

L to R: Express ($69.50), Forever21 ($22.80), Forever21 ($20.99)

L to R: Express ($79.50), Topshop ($135), Shopbop ($297)

For shoes and more bags, please look at my stylefeeder on the right-hand side.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Event : Housefull-ICC T20 World Cup media meet

Who: Lara Dutta

All fashion mags are screaming that denim is a hot trend this spring. It looks like I completely missed the boat as to when it went out of fashion:P. Lara rocks her denim by pairing the freshest shade of light blue with her dark skinnies. The white, studded belt adds texture and her satin, black heels (swooon) the subtlest touch of femme fatale..Love her hairstyle!!

Who: Arjun Ramphal

Black coat/blazer+ jeans is my favorite combination on men - polished and sexy..Hubba hubba! what a hottie!!

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Who: Deepika Padukone
Where: Cyber-shot camera brand ambassador launch

When wearing metallics, there is a fine line between tasteful and trashy. The key is to go for outfits that are polished rather than gaudy. Since her stunning copper colored dress makes such a bold impact, Deepika goes easy on the accessories and anchors the look with the perfect shoes - open-toe cage booties...Iffy on her hair - they look unkempt..

Who: Isha Koppikar
Where: B&D Hair and Make up Fashion Week 2010

I am very surprised when some celebs are not able to nail down a simple black/white ensemble. The problem starts when they start thinking about how to add color. Thinking is not Isha's forte. Isha wants color, dammit, Isha gets color. The sari by itself is pretty but the mustard border is an eyesore. Not intimidated, Isha then turns Joseph's technicolor dream-coat into her top..Chica, I think u missed some colors or did you:-)

Who: Preeti Jhangiani
Where: Pratap Sarnaik's 60 years celebrations of Maharashtra

This is one of the few instances where I am all for press censorship and military rule. (a) Who let her out? (b) Where is the moron who uploaded the pics to the web? (c) I should be sentenced to hard labor camp for further spreading the misery!!

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FHM Magazine cover

I have been looking for some red pumps for some time and today I saw this cover.

Now, I am not sure whats more drool-worthy, her peep-toes or her dress!! I haven't seen Minissha look this sizzling ever. And, honey, no-one has such glossy legs..Not even Britney Spears - today she released un-airbrushed images of herself next to the digitally-altered versions. You can see them here. So if what do u guys think - is altering celebs pics a do or a dont??

I am not against photoshopping an image as long as they have labels on the cover - 80% celeb, 19% software, 1% brain:-)

I did find some red shoes - u can see them in my stylefeeder. I am leaning towards the red patent Jessica Simpson slingbacks..And Minissha's dress reminded me of the printed dress..sigh..

That, hon, is 100% celeb.

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