Friday, April 16, 2010

Event: Laila Khan's Wedding Reception

This is going to be short and sweet post since its Friday night.. I wish I could say I have a rocking party to go to but the reality is I am sleepy:-)

Left: Dia, Right: Farah Ali Khan
An awesome appearance by the lovely Dia after a looong time!! Lovely shade of pista green and I love the design of the sari - how the embroidery density changes between the body of the sari and the pallu. Jewelery is a little un-coordinated.

Isn't Farah's outfit stunning and how divine is the top's hemline?? The purse looks like a last min addition as it doesn't gel with the outfit..Her necklace is stunning.

Left: Pooja, Right: Mallika (Zayed Khan's wife)
Pooja wore a golden gown which she accessorized with big green, emerald brooch. Malaika wore a nice, summery shade of blue paired with an ethereal necklace but she looks a little washed out.

Left: Celeb/Socialite, Right: Prerna Goel
The sari on the left is way too simple for this bling-bling wedding but I liked the gentle shading of this sari, the contrast with turquoise blue and the brocade top. Prena also wore a simple sari but it sooo elegant and the itsy-bisty straps of the top highlight her narrow shoulders.

On the Fence
Left: Rekha, Right: Aishwarya Rai
Neck up Rekha looks good but her sari has a very unfinished look. Aish wore a nice, bright color but the suit is very simple and there isn't anything that makes me go "wow".

Left: Raageshwari, Right: Suzanne
Raageshwari's suit is pretty okay but purple peep-toes?? is she color blind? Totally on the fence about Suzanne's sari and again a gold purse with silver embellished sari ?? maybe these Gals have split-personalities..

Left: Madhoo, Right: Celeb/Socialite
Madhoo wore a simple, boring golden sari. The socialite on the right, wore a really sexy cutout gown for the reception but it falls a little flat. Also, the gown doesn't go with the very traditional Kundan (looks like Kundan) jewelery. I can so kill her for the exquisite jewels:-)

Left: Celina, Right: Amisha Patel
Celina - sigh, where to start?? tacky outfit, bad makeup, unnecessary large bindi, severe hairstyle..

Amisha - I didn't like the velvet in this dress and the contrast with silver embroidery.

Rahul Khanna

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Persis said...

i LOVE suzanne and madhoo's sarees. they're so subtle and glam. didn't like celina, amisha or diya's outfits so much.

rahul ofcourse is the cherry on top of this glam post. have a good weekend.


Lazy Pineapple said...

I like Madhu's sari and even Dia's. Some of he necklaces are awesome...and ofcourse Rahul Khanna looks tooo good.

Archana said...

Rahul khanna..Woila!!! You made my day Sonali...
Amisha Patel should be banned from attending all social bling blings.She looks retarded. Rekha looks likes she forever stays in such getups. I am pretty sure she sleeps in such clothes & makeup too. ;-) Biggest disappointment was Suzanne. Celina - all film producers out there please give her "Durga Maa" role soon.

Dusk said...

You may have been sleepy but that wit is still alert...!

Oh noooo... Rekha and Aishwarya in the same post and they're...boring. Just boring. [and Archana's comment is very funny!]

No one here really 'wows' me either... you're always spot on with your commentary.

Tanvi said...

Dia - Pretty; Suzzane - Not quite perfect, yet pretty!; Rageshwari - Suit is elegant; Ash - Total Bore; Rest - Cldn't care less.

Anonymous said...

loving the photos, great review of the looks
thanks for sharing as always darling
and thanks for your sweet comments!


Shalini said...

Dia's saree is great! Rahul Khanna made my day.......such a cuuuuuuute smile!

keira antoia rose said...

Stunning saris!

xoxo Isabella Clarisse xoxo

Vintage Obsession said...

I agree there is nothing any of them here ARE WEARING THAT MAKING ME GO WOW .but i think Rageshwari is the best of the lot,somehow these guys do not get it that gowns simply aren't for everybody and sometimes the good old sari would do the trick as well

kirstyb said...

all beautiful ladies xxxx

Melanie M said...

My gosh. All of these women are SO BEAUTIFUL! I love the drape-effect of each dress! :)


bollywoodstylediaries said...

Thanks guys for all ur comments..yup, there was nothing there that really stood up except for the jewelery..Most of them wore stunning pieces (of jewelery)..


Sunaina said...

I like Farah's outfit!

Leah said...

I love the jewelry they wore... about the saris, I have something similar to those in my closet so I was not at all impressed. Hahaha! Yes, I have some saris which I bought during my India vacation. And I have tons of bindhis too. xoxo

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