Thursday, April 15, 2010

Shop the Spring trend - Metal accents

Weekend is here - time to spend some/all of our hard earned moolah. I work to shop:-) Today we look at metal accents - a special request from one of my earliest followers, Maitri. In fact, she picked a lot of the outfits today.

Metal details are hot this spring and they add a rock n roll, rebellious attitude to any outfit. Depending upon how you style it, you can either go for a biker or a punk yet chic look. For a biker look, go for metal studs that are large in size, pyramid shaped, pointy/spiky, loads of black eyeliner and it will help ur cause if you ride with the Hells Angel:-) For a punk chic look, go for a classy silhouette with small, round metal studs and wear only one or two pieces of this trend. I usually add some styling tips but fashion is all about fun, trying new combinations and finding something that makes you comfortable..So lets kick some ass!!

L to R: Guess ($69.99) , Forever21 ($27.80), ToryBurch($425)

L to R: Otte ($145) , Forever21 ($14.99), Express ($69.50)

L to R: Express ($69.50), Forever21 ($22.80), Forever21 ($20.99)

L to R: Express ($79.50), Topshop ($135), Shopbop ($297)

For shoes and more bags, please look at my stylefeeder on the right-hand side.


Lazy Pineapple said...

I loved the jackets and the bag by Topshop :)

Persis Shah said...

oooh im luvin the Express skirt and the Shopbog clutch! metal adds instant awesomeness to your outfit...i love forever 21 for its metal studded tops and accessories!


Tanvi said...

I am not big on metal detailing but I do like that Tory Burch top :) [But not gonna buy it for THAT price :P]

P.S. Those pictures were indeed outside my gym. Was a pleasant afternoon :)

Nalini Hebbar said...

What am I going to put in the bag if I spend all I have on the bag!...LOL

Beatlovingmusic said...

Metal Accents are cool!

MN said...

Thanx for mentioning my name in your blog. I am already famous now :)

Pratishtha Durga said...

I love metal accents in theory, but don't have the "on the edge of being a biker babe" image to carry them. Love the bag by Shopbop, though.

Tamanna A. Shaikh said...

Even though I'm not much of kickass punk chick :), I still love the nude studded Guess number! It also loooks synonymouis with the shopbop clutch!

Nice blog here, sweety!! Always up for some desi pride!! :)

Following you for more!!

Sherin said...

I'm loving studs this season. They definitely give an edgy feel to items.

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