Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Who: Konkona Sen Sharma
Where: Nerolac paints promotion(L), 'The Japanese wife' premier (R)

Last time I spotted Konkona Sen Sharma, she was practically swimming in her shapeless outfit. I am not sure why actresses, like Konkona and Nandita Das, who aren't into mainstream cinema but into arsty/offbeat roles, dress so shabbily in real life. Just because you do unglamorous roles onscreen, doesn't mean you can't kick ass off-screen. Today, I was pleasantly surprised to see her in this simple but pretty white-gold cotton sari at the premier. You think she is on her way to fashion rehabilitation??


Dusk said...

hahahahaha!!! You're so funny!...and so right. Indy 'serious' actors must make like Charlize Theron straight after 'Monster'. High voltage glamour just to remind everyone what they missed!

Shalini said...

no way! far from it!

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