Thursday, April 8, 2010

Cover girls - Celebs vs Models

There was a time when fashion magazine covers only featured models. Now seeing models on magazine covers is a rare occurrence as celebs seems to have taken over. We are a celeb obsessed society!! But whom would you prefer on the covers?? Since celebs are there in your face everyday, I prefer seeing models..An occasional celeb now and then is okay.

The April covers had a mix of celebs and models.. Let me know which cover you liked best..



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Vintage Obsession said...

think we should leave the cover page for models dont you think those pictures look so much better ?:)

Dusk said...

Hmm...difficult decision because I have long been against the whole celebrity as cover model thing (and I am over the use of Jennifer Boringston)... except for magazines like InStyle, Hello, Grazia, etc (in Aus at least) which are focused on celebrity style... but how am I to choose between divine Aish and the main coverline of Vogue...??!!

Kidding. I do like the Vogue cover image very much, could you tell me who the models are? My vote's with Aish's cover though. It's the stronger image anyway.

Who is Sonam Kapoor? I like that cover too. Because I don't know her, at first glance I would think this was a model cover.

...hmmm...ELLE is trying to be clever with it's "new wave" positioned on an actual wave and then then the wavy curls of Laxmi's hair and the whole feminine & flirty with the frilly dress but... who does their copy?? Terrible.
The sidebar header says "TOP TREND: No colour is the 'it' colour" then they put their masthead in hot pink!!
[sorry. I'm a journalist/former sub editor and very pedantic about the subliminal stuff!]

eek. This is an essay!

Oooh...I hope this is a weekly/monthly thing you do with the covers. I am seriously addicted to your blog honey! And your wit.

Tanvi said...

I like the one with Menon and Dia Mirza! :)

bollywoodstylediaries said...

@Vinatge Obsession, Dusk : I agree - I prefer models on fashion mags but I am pretty sure that the human civilization will collapse if we dont see one more cover of Jennifer!!

@Dusk: Sonam Kapoor is Anil Kapoor's daughter and made her debut 4 (??) years back with Ranbir Kapoor. The film bombed and so did her next few ones. Thats when her PR team went into overdrive and she was anointed the fashionista in town. Google her and look at her outfits - she does wear interesting stuff but there are others like Neha, Soniya who are equally good..

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