Thursday, April 22, 2010

Style Diary

Who: Sushmita Sen
Where: Bal Bhavan event

Sushmita hits all the right notes in this bright blue jumpsuit and perfect makeup. Well done, babe.

What do you think?
Love it!!
Shove it!!

Who: Mugdha Godse
Where: At the launch of SOBO for men

After all the disasters on the red carpet, this is pretty good for Mugdha although it does look like she is suffering from accessories overload.

What do you think?
Love it!!
Shove it!!

Who: Tanushree
Where: Promotion of 'Apartment' movie

A very unusual print on a dress - at first it reminded me of furnishing fabrics but then the look kinda grew on me. Should I wear it or should I sit on it:-)

What do you think?
Love it!!
Shove it!!

Who: Simran Suri
Where: 'Muskurake Dekh Zara' permier

What a gorgeous smile!! Do love the color of the dress and the style but looks like Ms Suri got a little bit carried away in matching her silver accessories..

What do you think?
Love it!!
Shove it!!
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Lazy Pineapple said...

Sushmita looks the best here....amongst all other women.

kirstyb said...

love it all so pretty xxxxx

Kelly said...

Love them all!!!
Amazing style!


Dusk said...

Sushmita.... YOWZA!!!!!!!!!! Loved it!
Love that colour on her.

Tanushree was at the promotion of a movie called 'Apartment' dressed like a sofa...? Hmmm...

Sunaina said...

I only like Tanushree's outfit, I love that furnishing kinda thing:D

Leah said...

This is the Sushmita I adore... I love her outfit, her hair and make-up. She is so fabulous in that ensemble. :-)

Nalini Hebbar said...

Sush is my girl...glam doll with a heart of gold...can't act, though!

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