Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What just happened here??

Who: Dia Mirza
Where: EEMAX awards 2010

Dia in a dress that is such a snooze-fest!! Ok, I like the layered necklaces and pumps. Can you now change out of your granny dress into something that keeps up with the accessories??

photo credits: santabanta.comd

Demure or Diva

Left: Kalki Koechlin at "tumbhi.com" press event
Right: Kangana Ranaut at Lawman jeans press event

Both, Kalki and Kangana, wore blue skinnies but with such different effects.

Kalki wore a red top - a color associated with lust and passion. But the style of the top, casual hair and flats give her a demure, sweet look.

Kangana wore a cream colored top - a color which symbolizes purity ( White is the color of purity but you get my drift, right?). And boy oh boy, does she look sassy or what!! She completely rocks those jeans..Work it, baby!!

photo credits: bollywoodhungama.com

Monday, August 30, 2010

Looks of the day

Who: Kalki Koechlin
Where: "Emotional Attyachar" screening

Simple, pretty and refreshing. I like everything about this look including the shoes that add a little attitude..Highwaisted, tailored pants are a big trend going into Fall. Are you planning to rock one? I am only 5ft so I will have to find the perfect top/cropped jacket to be able wear them..

Who: Kangana Ranaut
Where: At "Knockout Iftaar" party

Kangana does uptown chic in a Pistachio green anarkali dress. The dainty necklace and nude pumps work beautifully together with the outfit. She could have gone a little easy on the makeup..All in all, a nice look!

photo credits: filmicafe.com, pinkvilla.com

Peaches and cream

Who: Katrina Kaif
Where: Pantene promotional event

When she is not on the runway or attending big premieres, Katrina tends to wear a lot of cream outfits. She is perfectly coiffed (its an hair event!!) and immaculately turned out in a cute, girly dress. The dress is simple yet elegant...Not liking the shoes - would have preferred something more delicate and in white/black. And I would love to see her wear some bright colors..

photo credits: filmicafe.com

Sunday, August 29, 2010

No pants, no problem!!

Who: Anushka Manchanda
Where: Blue Frog

For a min I thought its Vanessa Hudgens..Anyhow, even though Anushka has the legs to carry of this top/dress and gets all her accessories right, I can so hear her mom screaming where is the rest of your outfit:p

photo credits: filmicafe.com

Day and Night

Between Raveena's two appearances today, I like her in kurti with jeans. The black-on-black ensemble is a little boring. Never been a fan of her dressing style but always found her very beautiful.

When I look at Raveena, I will always remember how she stole Karishma's thunder in the "Sheher Ki ladki (City Girl)" song. Karishma was the star of the movie (Rakshak) but Raveena's special appearance song was a big, big hit.. and I think the highlight of the movie:-0.. Here is the song. Noticed that around 2:25, Raveena wears a wig similar to what Hale Berry wears on Vogue Sept cover and around 4:02, she sports a head scarf style that Olsens twins have been seen in!!

(Warning:: Song also features Sunil Shetty!! )

photo credits: pinkvilla.com, youtube.com

Friday, August 27, 2010

Let's just get this over with...

Who: Dia Mirza
Where: Promotion of Panasonic 3-D cameras and LCD

Ok, she looks like a doll neck up but I am really bored with the loose-dresses-tied-at-the-waist style. Mugdha wore something similar just yesterday in a peach shade and Prachi lives in these kind of dresses..I know its just a promotion for a camera but I wish she had put in some effort. Here is what I would have worn. A pity that they did not invite me:-)

Left: Riley Keough in Prada for "Look" Magazine, Right: Kara Janx ruffle dress

Left: Stella McCartney Fall 2010, Right: Valentino Couture Fall 2010

photo credits: bollywoodhungama.com, style.com

Looks of the day

Who: Gauri Khan
Where: D-Decor launch

I love vests - they are so versatile. You can wear it with jeans, dresses or shorts, buttoned up or open. This is one of the rare occasions where I don't like the vest-jeans ensemble. I think its the shirt collar and the vest style which gives Gauri a very cocktail waitress look..Shiny face and shiny hair:-) Her hair does look gawjus..

Who: Madhoo
Where: American food festival

Ok, today is not my lucky day. Another vest done to waste. I do like the metallic silver color of Madhoo's vest but the clown sleeves and the length of the shirt are a downer...

Who: Lara Dutta
Where:"Antardwand" premiere

White on white - so ethereal and summery but never looked so awkward!! The top has been cut like a dress and doesnt really go with the loose pants. Are those salvaars? Seems a little short and the cuff at the bottom is not right..Ditch the pants and u will be good to go:-)

Who: Mugdha Godse
Where: "Aashayein" premiere

Another decent look from Mugdha?? She has totally changed her stylist!!
Mugdha piles on the necklaces with her peach dress which she paired with black peep-toes and clutch. Cute, safe look and I cant take it anymore!! Who will I ridicule??....right, we still have the Celinas and the Amishas...

photo credits: filmicafe.com, pinkvilla.com, bollywoodhungama.com

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Would you rather...

I am baaaack!!!! Totally rejuvenated and with my claws sharpened:-) Missed u all a lot!! Looking forward to catching up with all of you..

Today is an easy post...

I saw this really cool game on one of my favorite blogs - Coco's Tea party. Its called "Would you rather..?" and I loved it. Coco was sweet enough to give me permission and I decided to do it for my blog too. Enjoy!!

Would you rather....

..watch the sunset with Rahul or go sky diving with Imran?

..own a Sabyasachi saree or Armani Prive couture gown?

..watch the angry young man, Amitabh, in the original cult movie or catch Shahrukh in the modern day, slick interpretation?

..indulge in creamy vanilla ice-cream or dig into a decadent chocolate cake?

..catch up with all the fashion/style/runway news in Vogue or read about all the bollywood gossip in Filmfare?

Friday, August 20, 2010

I am taking a week break!!

Six months of Bollywood fashion has taken its toll:-) I will do an occasional post and will catch up with all you lovely ladies once I am back to regular programming..

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Daily Catch

Who: Minissha Lamba
Where: Swarovski Gem show

What's not to like? Minissha wears one of the hottest Fall 2010 trend - brocade and hits all the right notes. She paired the blackish blue mini with deep teal shoes and clutch. A seriously elegant cocktail look...

Who: Deepika Padukone
Where: "Lafanget Parindey" promotions

Deepika went for a casual look with short kurti and skinny jeans. This is a very typical Deepika attire - she tends to prefer casuals vs a dressed up look. I like the kurti but it doesn't really go with the jeans.. What do you guys think? Yay or Nay?

Who: Isha Koppikar
Where: "Hello Darling" promotions

Even though the bag looks so out of proportion, Isha looks pretty smart and reasonable here - maybe its time for my eye examination!!

Who: Gul Panang
Where: "Hello Darling" Promotions

You...Off my planet!!

India International Jewellery Week - Day five

Who: (L) Sonakshi Sinha, (R) Ayesha Takia

Ok, I get it that its a jewelery show and clothes are not the focus but how could they make these two pretty girls wear such atrocious clothes?? Both are wearing outfits from Archana Kochhar. This begs the question who the hell buys clothes from her and how come the designer has not filed for bankruptcy yet!!!

Who: Giselle Monteiro

I love her gorgeous, soft curls. The baby blue gown is decent. I think they have wrapped a necklace around her waist..hmmm, not a bad idea..

Who: Mugdha Godse

Love how softly this luxurious looking gown drapes and fall. Could have been a winner except for the fungal growth near the waist..Mugdha looks nice in coral makeup..

Will you wear this?

Golden beard?? Someone, please shoot me!!

photo credits: filmicafe.com, pinkvilla.com, bollywoodhungama.com

Style Watch

Grey Skinnies
Left: Ayesha Takia, Right : Jacqueline
Where: "Aashayein" premiere

Looks like the Aashayein premiere had a dress code since both, Ayesha and Jacquelin, turned up in Grey skinnies with Black jackets. And how different they look! Ayesha looks sweet and chic whereas Jacqeline in her boxy jacket and heart-shaped purse looks skanky. And isn't she a little old for pigtails??

Bare midriffs - First, Sonam at Aisha screening and now Ayesha, is the 80's fashion trend back? I am going to be proudly unfashionable!!

Pastel Yellow
Left: Farah Ali Khan, Right: Kangana Ranaut
Where: IIJW 2010, Arpita's bday bash

How divine is this yellow? Isnt it perfect for a summer dress? They both look very stylish in their outfits. Farah teamed her yellow gown with brown-gold accessories whereas Kangana teamed it up with white shoes/handbag and lovely pearls.

Topstitch jeans
Left: Farah Ali Khan, Right: Rani Mukherjee
Where: Aisha private screening

Are they back in fashion? Fashion is really going green recycling so many trends..You can dress them up like Farah or dress them down like Rani. Either way, this is one trend I am ready to embrace:-)

Grey jumpsuits
Left: Guest, Right: Neha Dhupia
Where: Rosenthal lunch, With love to Obama screening

Jumpsuits are tricky to wear since you dont want look as if you going to sleep or collecting garbage!! The guest's jumpsuit with a draped-top, cinched waist and tapered leg looks unfussy and chic - perfect for an afternoon lunch. Love her orange clutch and grey pumps.
Neha went for a laid-back look for her off-duty hours. No makeup but she glammed up with gold jewelery. love her stacked bangles..

photo credits: filmicafe.com, bollywoodhungama.com, pinkvilla.com

Purple Reign

Who: Sonali Bendre
Where: Launch of Omega's "New Constellation"

It was just the launch of Omega's latest watch collection but Sonali brought out the big guns for the occasion. She dazzles in a Gauri and Nainika chiffon gown. The color compliments her skin tone and the super-feminine silhouette and purple shade make for a perfect fusion of classy and style.

photo credit: filmicafe.com

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

India International Jewellery Week - Day Four and Red carpet

Who: Sagarika Ghatge
Where: On the ramp for Manubhai Zaveri, IIJW 2010

The jewelery - blech and tacky!! Are they trying to get people to buy the stuff or scare them away?? On the good side, the ornate cuffs are decent and the black looks better than beige as a background for the jewelery. What do you guys think?

A quick roundup of the red carpet appearances.

Who: Suzanne Roshan

Suzanne's dress with that bow and cascading ruffle has so much potential but the fit around her waist/bust doesn't seem right. It still works for me but I cant get over the pink and orange?? Eyesore - not working!!

Who: Nishka Lulla

If you are having a feeling of deja vu on seeing Ms Lulla in a red bandage dress, then you are not the only one. Mandira Bedi and Jennifer Winget wore the same dress, different colors and we had a fashion faceoff. See here

I did tweet to Nishka saying the bandage dress has been done to death but she was very keen since she has not worn a bandage before. Have to say, she fills it out beautifully:-) And I admire anyone who wears what they want, damn the public opinion!!

Who: Bhagyashree

This is for all my readers who liked her white outfit yesterday. I am not going to say anything today!! I am goin to keep quite about it looking like a furnishing fabric. Yup, mum's the word. Not a peep abt the "edgy but not going with the outfit" shoes either. Nope, I have taken the vow of silence...

Who: Shraddha Kapoor

You guys should know by know I have a predilection for abstract/quirky prints. I like:-) I like the mismatched shoes too!! Dont like the ugly flower bracelet..

Will you wear this?
Fierce or Fashion Faux Pas??

photo credits: filmicafe.com, bollywoodhungama.com

India International Jewellery Week - Day Four

Who: Konkana Sen Sharma
Where: On the ramp for Amarpali

Whoa!! Did u see the size of the f&#@ing diamonds?!? No wonder she has those security guards standing behind. That majestic 7-stranded necklace is fit for a Queen! The ruby choker is also fabulicious. Konkana looks regal and the beige saree acts as the perfect background to showcase the jewelery..As Rachel Zoe would put it - "I Die".

photo credits: bollywoodhungama.com

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Style diaries

Who: Nishka Lulla, Bhagyashree

Nishka and Bhagyashree wore ivory dresses on the opening day of IIJW, 2010. Nishka's dress has a very diaphanous feel to it and the cut-out embroidery is pretty. She added color to the outfit by loading on her favorite pink.. Sassy!!

Bhagyashree dress reminds me of a nightgown!! Maybe she thought its a come-as-you-are party:-)

Who: Natasha Poonawalla
Where: Opening of Koh Thai restaurant, IIJW red carpet

Natasha not only has enviable legs but also an enviable dress collection. I love the hot pink asymmetrical dress with the sash at the waist. The right one looks like McQueen and she wore it with adorable "star" shoes. Did you notice that in both these looks she does not wear any accessories and lets the dress take center-stage?

Who: Raageshwari, Suchitra Pillai
Where: IIJW red carpet, Artist Anjanna Kuthiala's painting exhibition

Raageshwari in a beautiful beige/gold anarkali dress with perfectly matched red peep-toes. Another winner from her.

I am not a big fan of Suchitra's style but this outfit really caught my eye. The red and white color combination is very striking and I love the way she wrapped the scarf - adds drama to the the outfit.

photo credits: santabanta.com, desimartini.com

From Hottie to Nottie

Who: Deepika Padukone
Where: On the sets of Chote Ustad.

Yikes, yesterday, Deepika ruled the ramp at the IIJW, 2010 and today she is all covered-up, plain Jane.This shade of orange doesn't really go well with her skin tone and the Nehru collar is also not flattering..She should show some skin:p

Monday, August 16, 2010

India International Jewellery Week - Day two

Who: Isha Kopikkar

Isha Koppikar walks the ramp for Dwarkadas Chandumal Jewellers in a hot pink number. Didn't quite like the ruffle draping on the gown and her necklace also doesn't rock my boat.

Who: Ayesha Dharker

Ayesha walked the ramp for Solitaire in a white gown and beautiful ruby and pearl drop necklace. I think I like traditional designs when it comes to jewelery:-)

You can see more pics of jewelery on the ramp here.

photo credits: bollywoodhungama.com

Pretty Preity!!

Who: Preity Zinta
Where: Independence day parade, NYC

Preity was the Grand Marshal at the India independence day parade held in NYC on Aug 15th. She looks gorgeous - her dimples are too cute!! She can do no wrong in my book:-)

Preity is wearing Manish Malhotra. She could have worn a sack and still looked stunning...Did I say she is gorgeous?

photo credits: pinkvilla.com

I really love my....

..handbag. I would too if I had a Gucci Pelham bag:-) It appears that Malaika likes to team this bag with black/white outfits and golden wedges. I like the first one best. How could you style this bag?

photo credits: pinkvilla.com

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Style diaries

Who: Kareena Kapoor
Where: On the sets of Indian Idol5

I love sequins - they infuse any outfit with instant glamor. Kareena rocks the gold sequins blazer and avoids lookin like a Christmas tree by keeping the rest of her outfit very simple and causal. The perfect tailoring of the jacket also helps.

Who: Aishwarya Rai
Where: At "Robot" music launch

Gold at the hemline saves this Manish Malhotra anarkali from being a complete washout. Waist up, the outfit really doesn't have anything going for it.

Who: Sushma Reddy
Where: "Emotional Atyachar" music launch

The photographer really caught Sushma in an awkward pose:-) Anyways, for a min I thought she has something hanging from her waist...On closer inspection, it still looks like she wrapped a dead plant around herself. Nope, not feeling any love for her outfit..

photo credits: filmicafe.com, pinkvilla.com
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