Sunday, August 8, 2010

Magazine Covers - Maxim, Aug 2010

Sonam was voted as the "hottest woman" by Maxim India. Here's her cover:

She can pout or flaunt her cleavage as much as wants but 'hot/sexy' isnt a word I associate with Sonam. She is a clearly on a roll with back-to-back hits..Here's Sonam at the unveiling of the cover.

Who: Sonam Kapoor

I am totally bowled over by the beautifully handcrafted kundan/polki necklace which she paired with a bodycon white dress. The silver shoes work great with the outfit. And she topped it off with smoky eyes and wavy, messy hair. The whole outfit accentuates her fabulous height of 5ft 9.5in..So the question is Hot or not:-)

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Crazy Diamond said...

very pretty..but not MEGA HOT ..

i think she's gorgeous

Tanvi said...

NOT HOT! ... Pretty, Cute Smile, NOT HOT! :)

Shreya said...

I think she is cute. Like someone who'll burst into a fit of giggles the very next moment. but certainly NOT hot! plus i do not think she's stylish either. pretty odd she is infact :/

style'n said...

Ok now she looks amazing in this dress. I love the entire outfit. I think she looks well put together and really great!

Dusk said...

I knew she was tall!!! She must tower above her colleagues!

Hmmm.... I had to ask my sons about this [don't worry, they're all much older than you think!]... they think she's hot... but get this... NOT sexy.

They diffrentiate between the two.

I showed them your blog...2nd thinks Bipasha is sexy, youngest thinks Priyanka is sexy and they all drooled over Aish in 'Dhoom 2'. But of course!

As for my opnion... Sonam is too 'contained' to be truly sexy. I think she looks beautiful though and she's very elegant.

Anonymous said...

Shes CUTE at her best

umm just a little correction! Im not sure what hits you are talkin about as both IHLS and Aisha are FLOPS :O

Sovina said...

yeah i agree ..hotness is not something that comes to mind when i see Sonam..i am sure the necklace is her mom's ...she has an amazing jewelry collection..:))

Sunaina said...

she's cute, and kinda hot in a good way

Tamanna A. Shaikh said...

haha you know how I feel about Sonam. She's just plain. And yes maam, definitely NOT SEXY. I wonder how Maxim India works. There is nothing that impresses me about Sonam, yet.

Poorna Shetty said...

Very, very hot outfit - whether she's sexy or not is besides the point. Those shoes however are blaargh and would've been better if she'd gone for a cutaway white ankle shoe.

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