Wednesday, August 18, 2010

India International Jewellery Week - Day Four and Red carpet

Who: Sagarika Ghatge
Where: On the ramp for Manubhai Zaveri, IIJW 2010

The jewelery - blech and tacky!! Are they trying to get people to buy the stuff or scare them away?? On the good side, the ornate cuffs are decent and the black looks better than beige as a background for the jewelery. What do you guys think?

A quick roundup of the red carpet appearances.

Who: Suzanne Roshan

Suzanne's dress with that bow and cascading ruffle has so much potential but the fit around her waist/bust doesn't seem right. It still works for me but I cant get over the pink and orange?? Eyesore - not working!!

Who: Nishka Lulla

If you are having a feeling of deja vu on seeing Ms Lulla in a red bandage dress, then you are not the only one. Mandira Bedi and Jennifer Winget wore the same dress, different colors and we had a fashion faceoff. See here

I did tweet to Nishka saying the bandage dress has been done to death but she was very keen since she has not worn a bandage before. Have to say, she fills it out beautifully:-) And I admire anyone who wears what they want, damn the public opinion!!

Who: Bhagyashree

This is for all my readers who liked her white outfit yesterday. I am not going to say anything today!! I am goin to keep quite about it looking like a furnishing fabric. Yup, mum's the word. Not a peep abt the "edgy but not going with the outfit" shoes either. Nope, I have taken the vow of silence...

Who: Shraddha Kapoor

You guys should know by know I have a predilection for abstract/quirky prints. I like:-) I like the mismatched shoes too!! Dont like the ugly flower bracelet..

Will you wear this?
Fierce or Fashion Faux Pas??

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Vintage Vixen said...

Furnishing fabric? Spot on, there! Very odd choice.
Far be it from me to say someone's wearing too much jewellery but there is some overkill in the top shot. Would have looked far better if that necklace was choker length. Like you, I love the cuffs, the black sari is classy and she's beautiful.
That leg jewellery? No! As an arm piece I think it would be fabulous. xxx

Tanvi said...

OK! There is SO MUCH material in this post for me to go all BONKERS and let the mean-me take over. But I too, have taken a vow of silence and not going to criticize the black saree witch or the tacky bling on her, neither will I comment on Mrs. Roshan's weird mismatched colors [dress is good though!], also won't hurt Lulla feeling by saying bandage dresses are already over done so wear something flowing in Mumbai heat, may be?

Splurgerina said...

Apart from the horrible sari and jewelry, there's something different about Sagarika..she looks different and not in a good way! Love Suzanne's look although I wish she stuck to one pop of color..either the clutch or the shoes! And no I wouldn't wear that shoe!

(¯`•._.•[Raajii]•._.•´¯) said...

I think I would wear those heels :-).

Suzanne is cute, but it would have been better if her shoes and purse matched :P

Tamanna A. Shaikh said...

I actually like Sagarika. She looks resplendent. She could've dressed down on the jewelry but I dont think she looks bad.

Suzanne--why would she choose different not-going colours fior the shoes and clutch and spoil teh look of her pretty dress?

Nishka looks banal. Bhagyashree's dress fabric, agree with you but I like the shoes.

Shraddha's outfit works.

The last photo, I coudl try the trend with ethnic wear but it must be difficult to pull off!

hitesh rawat said...

Sagarika is looking beautiful in the saari.....but wat happened to suzzane....???

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