Friday, August 13, 2010

Magazine Covers - Aug 2010

Elle: Sonam Kapoor
Marie Claire: Shruti Hassan
Grazia , Harper's Bazaar: Kangana Ranaut
Bunker: Mallika Sherawat
FHM: Lisa Haydon

Love Elle cover - its rare to see such close-up face shots on fashion magazine covers. This should be the last of Sonam's covers until she has another movie to promote. Aisha promotions has to be one of the biggest media blitz we have seen in recent years:-)

Kangana was busy this month with two magazine covers!! I like the Grazia cover - she looks fierce on both but her hair/makeup/styling is better on the Grazia one.

Another close-up, this time of Mallika for the Bunker magazine. She is promoting her next movie - Hisss, where she plays a snake-woman. Thats why the whole makeup has a reptile feel to it. Kudos to the photographer since Mallika looks stunning and not her usual slutty self.

FHM was ok and I like Shruti's attire on Marie Claire.

Vogue, India decided to go with Cameron Diaz for the Aug cover. Is it just me who finds it insulting that Vogue could find anyone in our Bollywood suitable for the cover? I am sure Kangana was not that busy:-)

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Tanvi said...

My fav. is Bunker: Mallika Sherawat of the lot! :o) I am so glad the Aisha promotions are over! I was so bored of seeing the same faces. And also, now people can stop calling my dressing style as "Sonam's" ... :P If anything, she copied mine LOL ... I SO should sleep. I am rambling!

Anonymous said...

Mallika's cover is my fav too followed by lisa haydon.

@at Tanvi..i won't count sonam's PR going on vacation just
between saawariya & dehli6 she did the most covers..and that is where i wished she stayed magazines not torture us in movies.
she looks amazing in photoshoots

Dusk said...

hmmm... none of these strike me... I'm so jaded... sigh... :D

I do like the Elle cover. Intensely dislike the FHM cover. That is not a flattering photo of this girl. Her arms look photoshopped to resemble twigs. Everything looks weird. I have seen photos of her and she doesn't look as masculine featured as she does here and oh myGod I am such a bitch!!! eek. So unlike me to be so critical but something about that cover just repulses me.

She's half Aussie?? The Australian modelling industry is racist and (th)insular. Despite seeming to be model size perfect aka skinny, tall and generic, she would not have made it big here. Just recently Vogue Aus featured an indigenous model on their cover and you think they had cured cancer with all this carry on.

eek. Not only am I being bitchy, I am now on my soapbox. I'm going to go now...

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