Saturday, August 14, 2010

Tie me a bow

Who: Kareena Kapoor
Where: Unveiling of Starweek's magazine first anniversary issue

Kareena went for an unfussy look in blue dress paired with cute Valentino shoes. How adorable are the bows on those shoes. The dress doesn't really match the drama of the shoes..Step it up, honey..

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Vintage Vixen said...

Red, white and it! I reckon some red lipstick would have looked fantastic with this ensemble, what's going on with the hideous beige lips? Yuk! xxx

Anonymous said...

she looked alright standing up.. sitting down pics showed nasty cellutie...yuck..
love the shoes on its own.

Tanvi said...

Oh! I was just gonna say the same ... what's with those 'botox'ed lips pouting like a chimp? REALLY? Well, Sonali, my real mean side is coming out lately on this portal. Let me go meditate :P

Cinderella said...

this is what you cal comfortably chic. justa bout the dress.

Splurgerina said...

Not one of her best looks...not one of her best pouts either!! FAIL!!

shooting star said...

am loving the red pumps wid bow!!!!

Dusk said...


....I think I need to meditate too!!!

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