Thursday, August 19, 2010

Style Watch

Grey Skinnies
Left: Ayesha Takia, Right : Jacqueline
Where: "Aashayein" premiere

Looks like the Aashayein premiere had a dress code since both, Ayesha and Jacquelin, turned up in Grey skinnies with Black jackets. And how different they look! Ayesha looks sweet and chic whereas Jacqeline in her boxy jacket and heart-shaped purse looks skanky. And isn't she a little old for pigtails??

Bare midriffs - First, Sonam at Aisha screening and now Ayesha, is the 80's fashion trend back? I am going to be proudly unfashionable!!

Pastel Yellow
Left: Farah Ali Khan, Right: Kangana Ranaut
Where: IIJW 2010, Arpita's bday bash

How divine is this yellow? Isnt it perfect for a summer dress? They both look very stylish in their outfits. Farah teamed her yellow gown with brown-gold accessories whereas Kangana teamed it up with white shoes/handbag and lovely pearls.

Topstitch jeans
Left: Farah Ali Khan, Right: Rani Mukherjee
Where: Aisha private screening

Are they back in fashion? Fashion is really going green recycling so many trends..You can dress them up like Farah or dress them down like Rani. Either way, this is one trend I am ready to embrace:-)

Grey jumpsuits
Left: Guest, Right: Neha Dhupia
Where: Rosenthal lunch, With love to Obama screening

Jumpsuits are tricky to wear since you dont want look as if you going to sleep or collecting garbage!! The guest's jumpsuit with a draped-top, cinched waist and tapered leg looks unfussy and chic - perfect for an afternoon lunch. Love her orange clutch and grey pumps.
Neha went for a laid-back look for her off-duty hours. No makeup but she glammed up with gold jewelery. love her stacked bangles..

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Tanvi said...

I hope none of these trends are back 'coz I wont be wearing any of them ... not that I really care about trends.

style'n said...

not loving these : ( farah looks ok

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