Thursday, August 12, 2010

Style Diaries

Who: Lara Dutta
Where: Taiwan Excellence Press Meet

Is she gorgeous or what?? She is glowing in the second pic...As for Lara's saree, what an amazing concept!!!

You mop the floor while u walk!! A multi-tasking saree - how cool is that??...dammit, why didn't I think of this one!!

Who: Mugdha Godse
Where: Help movie premiere

Mugdha wore a one-shoulder dress in a quirky print to her new movie premiere. I usually love prints but there is something in the color combination that is throwing me off. Mugdha got her handbag and shoe right but then went on to add some really tacky neon green bangles. I bet those glow in the dark - the idea being to lure innocent people to her movie showing:-)

Who: Guest
Where: Help movie premiere

I love everything about the guest's look - the color, the draping, the bejeweled shoulders and her long necklace. I want!!

Who: Isa Koppikar
Where: With Akanksha children at Welspun showroom

Whats up with this trend of wearing scarfs with salvaar-suits? If Vidya and Rani could not pull off this look with Sabyasachi outfits, then chica, dont you think u are being a bit ambitious?

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Tanvi said...

None of them are working for me! ... Neck down! :)

Dusk said...

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha [breathe] hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha !!!!!!!!!!!!!

You really REALLY need to post that warning about drinking and reading.

style'n said...

OMG I adore the sari (minus the mop part of it :)) and love your comments about a dual sari/mop.
but don't you just love the color? I emailed it to my mom...b/c we are trying to have a couple of sari's made for me for an upcoming wedding

Splurgerina said...

lol @ the mop're soo funny!!! If we ignore that part though Lara looks beautiful!! Mughda's neon accessories were a bad decision, the outfit was colorful enough as is!! Also, maybe her hair should have been pulled back!!

Anonymous said...

loveeeeeeeee your blog....newbie here..but will be coming back daily:)

hitesh rawat said...

Lara is glowing in this one.......i like her and Isha's too.....seems she is somewhere on the streets and may have thought who cares wat she is wearing ..... :)

think the experiment didn't go well for her....
PS:- Typo....with Isha's name.... :)

abt HELP is a horror movie....think she was trying to scare ppl outside the theater too.......somebody tell her....if she'll scare ppl like this...then who's gonna watch her movies..... :)
anyways...this is the worst Mugdha outfit i've seen.......always thought she was one of those perfectly dressed ladies.....well, here's an exception.....

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