Thursday, August 5, 2010

Events: Birthday bash hosted by Salman Khan

Arpita Khan( Salman's sister and the birthday girl)
Sonakshi Sinha
Sherlyn Chopra

All, Arpita, Sonakshi and Sherlyn, wore cute LBDs to the b'day celebrations. Arpita looks chic, Sonakshi looks girly-cute and Sherlyn goes for the sexy look..

Who: Malaika Arora-Khan

Malaika pretty much rocks everything she wears, including this sequins mini-dress. Cute coolored Bottega Veneta clutch but it doesnt go with this dress neither do the shoes..

Who: (L) Minissha Lamba, (R) Zarine Khan

Minissha also went the black route and wore a sequins jacket with her dark jeans. I like her look and those silver shoes have my name written on them:-)

Zarine kept it really simple with a blue top and black skinnies. She caught my attention only becoz of the gorgeous sequins Union Jack!!


Tanvi said...

Sonakshi looks good! And like Malaika's dress! Rest all don't leave an impression

Dipti said...

i really like sonakshi's dress out of the three, the other 2 lbds are nice too, but personally, i would wear the one sonakshi's wearing -- very cute!

arpita looks nice for a change..

i didn't like what malaika's wearing much.. she looks fab otherwise.. and my fav is minisha's hairstyle.. simple and hot

love zarine khan's clutch too :D would love it if some day i find India's flag-print sequined on a clutch heh :)

Sovina said...

i didn't like any of the LBD's ..i think they are wearing it very plainly...i like LBD's with a little puch, a pop of color here and there...but if i have to pick i would pick sonakshi...malaika as usual rocks :)

Dusk said...

Sonali... I think these girls or their agents need to employ you as their stylist!! WHY so many misses with the accessorizing???
You always call it spot on!

...I too don't like the LBDs but that's because I can't do simple!!! To my OTT eye, they might as well be naked!

One question... I'm being awfully prudish here but... has the 'code of conduct' relaxed in recent generations??? young Indian celebrity and socialite women seem to like short and tight as their style choice!!

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