Thursday, August 19, 2010

India International Jewellery Week - Day five

Who: (L) Sonakshi Sinha, (R) Ayesha Takia

Ok, I get it that its a jewelery show and clothes are not the focus but how could they make these two pretty girls wear such atrocious clothes?? Both are wearing outfits from Archana Kochhar. This begs the question who the hell buys clothes from her and how come the designer has not filed for bankruptcy yet!!!

Who: Giselle Monteiro

I love her gorgeous, soft curls. The baby blue gown is decent. I think they have wrapped a necklace around her waist..hmmm, not a bad idea..

Who: Mugdha Godse

Love how softly this luxurious looking gown drapes and fall. Could have been a winner except for the fungal growth near the waist..Mugdha looks nice in coral makeup..

Will you wear this?

Golden beard?? Someone, please shoot me!!

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hitesh rawat said...

hey aren't Ayesha and Sonakshi wearing the same necklace.....

It's been a long time since i have seen Ayesha in an event....glad to see her....forget the dress

Mugdha has been one of my fav's .....and the look proves why.....

Giselle, this is the first time i'm seeing her in curls.....and i liked it....

the last model, think found some hidden treasure..... it doesn't count as jewelery..rite?

Tanvi said...

My question exactly? Aren't Ayesha and Sonakshi wearing the same necklace!?!??!

Mugdha is only one who looks decent 'besides' her fungal growth! :P

And No I won't wear that last piece of jewelry!

Tamanna A. Shaikh said...

Hahahaha yes, if it were not for the extremely icky fungal growth, Mugdha looks like a subtle goddess here. NOthing else I liked.

Splurgerina said...

lol @ the fungal growth...hilarious!! :D

The Beautifier said...

I'm Loving those dresses and jewellery!
That does look like a fungal growth on her! lol
And that last pece of jewellery is not my cup of tea! haha

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