Thursday, August 12, 2010

Looks of the day

Who: Mugdha Godse
Where: Help movie screening

Mugdha wore a pretty aqua colored dress to a film screening but overdosed on the accessories. The handbag is really too big as well the wrong shape and the necklace looks a little tacky. A near-miss.

Who: Priyanka Chopra
Where: Peepli [Live] screening

Priyanka kept it simple in a Grey dress, cute white handbag and flip-flops. I always find anything in grey very polished:-) So what do you think of Priyanka's dressed down look?

Who: Sunidhi Chauhan
Where: Promotion of Indian Idol 5

Another bright dress for today!! Sunidhi glams it up during Idol 5 promotions in lovely orange dress. Love her look. Havent seen a whole lot of celebs in this color which is bright without being in ur face..

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Tanvi said...

I can see Mugdha's bra! Hmmm and isn't that bag a bit too big for a mvie screening? Unless she was gonna go swimming or something later and was being pro active. Anyhoo, Surely a near miss.

Looks like everyone wore Grey to Peepli Live's screening. Kangna, Rani and now Piggy Chops. Must have looked like they were following a color code or something. Oh! and she looks fine. But Rani looked better to me!

Sunidhi looks alright. Not too bad. Not too good.

Vintage Vixen said...

Sunidhi looks the best but the sandals are a bit frumpy and she could have painted her toenails.
The other two just seem a bit too casual in their jersey dresses and flip flops, more suitable for a trip to the gym than a premiere.
God, I do sound picky today! xxx

Dusk said...

I want Sunidhi's dress.

Tanvi and Vix... you're both on fire!!!!

I too think they're far too casual for a movie screening.

ggop said...

Jersey fabric on the grey one? Yep too casual.

style'n said...

completely completely agree with you! And Priyanka looks great in that casual grey look. but maybe a cute pair of flats or sandals would have been better than flip flops!

Sunaina said...

Don't know the first girl but don't like how she looks, I do like Priyanka's dress, so innocent:)
I posted pics of the maxi dress, tell me what you think!

Tamanna A. Shaikh said...

Love PRiyanka. her jersey dress is screaming comfortable and I love that. Love Sunidhi's too. Agree with you in Mugdha's case.

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