Sunday, April 4, 2010

Weekend round up aka 'batch update'!!

No sweat if you don't get the title of my post.Its for all my geeky readers;-) It basically means doing a single celeb post that covers the past 4 days since I was too lazy to post!!

Who: Rekha
Where: Saadiya premier

I don't criticize women over certain age and esp. if they look sooo good at 55!! But what the heck;-) Rekha has a tendency to doll up like an Indian bride, irrespective of the occasion.. Seriously, I could sell all the bling-bling she is wearing and pay off my mortgage!! But I do like her golden sari here and she looks really polished, graceful with her hair all tied up. She is also one of the few Indian actress who wears such a bright, pretty shade of red lip color..

Who: Vindu Dara Singh's wife
Where: IPL party

I am really upset that I cant find closeup shots of this dress...Anyways, Vindu Dara Singh's wife wears a lovely, abstract print dress which looks to be one-shoulder style. The print looks like floral watercolor but whatever it is, me likey..Cute peep-toes and bag..

Who: Some socialite/celeb/designer
Where: Neelam-Nriti show

The only reason I am posting this picture is because of the gorgeous color of this dress and how beautifully she contrasted it with salmon pink Bottega bag. The brown belt is equally adorable.. I do hate the ruffle sleeves and top doesn't look well-fitted..hmm, she does have nice cheek bones..

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Dusk said...

Ohhhhh I love Rekha! I was just thinking yesterday how much Angelina Jolie looks like Rekha...I was watching a 'so bad it was good' Rekha fim called 'Madam X'! Talk about trussed up!...but she's still divine. I love her best in simple saris like in 'Silsila'.
...and I hope to look as great as she does when I'm 55!

Shalini said...

I think that socialite ( sorry, forgotten the name) is completely mismatched. They are all beautiful colours she is wearing but they dont go together! green never goes with pink!

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