Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Looks of the day

Who: Shilpa Shetty
Where: Event to annouce 'Zara Nach ke Dikha' judges

Dayum!! This women is on a roll - one hit after the other on the red carpet. I cant make up my mind about what I like best about this look - the coral color, the beautiful cut of the dress or the necklace. She is stunning enough to frame....

Who: Sushmita Sen
Where: Launch of charcoal exhibition by Gautam Patole

Ms Sen wears one of the hottest Spring 2010 trends - the lingerie on display trend. Seeing how she has positioned her hands I am not sure if this was a fashion choice or an oops-my-top-is-transparent mistake!! Whatever it was, she doesn't look tacky but graceful as always - which is a feat since we all can see her underpinnings:-)

What do you guys think about this trend - is it best left to celebs or are you going to wear it?

photo credits: filmicafe.com, bollywoodhungama.com


Sunaina said...

The coral dress is beautiful!
Her hair is so pretty<3

I like the lingerie on display trend,
don't know if I will wear it,
I'm not that skinny you know.
If I find the right top I might
give it a try 8-)

Kelly said...

I don't know Shilpa Shetty, but she is gorgeous..

Dusk said...

Shilpa is gorgeous anyway but she does look particularly beautiful in this ensemble. Do you know how tall she is? She has lovely long limbs.

Hmmm...yeah I'll wear and have worn the whole lingerie as clothes look. I have some vintage corset slips that I wear as dresses and lace bustiers that look fab under blazers. And totally OTT sequin bras worn under lace shirts or fishnet bodysuits!!! God that sounds awfully tacky and bad but believe me it does look okay! You have to wear lingerie in a Victoriana or Baroque way otherwise it just looks like a wardrobe malfunction!

Sush has beautiful hands, long fingers.

Why am I noticing limbs and digits???

Lazy Pineapple said...

Shilpa looks amazing...her figure is absolutely to die for :)

Ms. Sen has a classic poise and carries herself really well but in my opinion...I would leave that top for the celebs...this fashion is not for me.

bollywoodstylediaries said...

@Dusk: I love wearing corsets and silk chemise/slips with lace detailing under blazers!! but I dont think I will do the transparent top look - best for celebs and Lady Gaga!! U are noticing limbs since u urself have such beautiful ones:-)

Vintage Obsession said...

i am so digging at shilpa's dress :)
Not so impressed with the usually stunning sushmitha though

BarelyVogue said...

Love the Shilps style choices! And Susmitha is def lacking confidence here.

Tanvi said...

Clearly Shilpa is a winner here :) The color really suits here and let ME not get started on her limbs and even rest of the body :P

Leah said...

I love Shilpa's dress... the cut really suits her. She is gorgeous.

As for Sushmita, she looks so ordinary.


Nalini Hebbar said...

two of my favourites...lovely

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