Friday, April 9, 2010

Event : Twinkle Khanna's White window launch

Who: The hostess - Twinkle Khanna

Now, this is how you wear a bandage dress. By keeping her makeup/accessories simple, Twinkle gives the dress (and her va-va-voom curves), the full spotlight. The dress is astonishingly beautiful and boy, oh, boy, what colors!!..It does look a little loose on the top, near the sides but that's just me nitpicking...Give the boa constrictor properties of the dress, I wonder how the celebs walk and move about in them. Do they have minions who move and position them around:-)

Who: Lara Datta, Sonali Bendre

Who: Neelam and Rhea Pillai

Is it just me or does Lara look like a nurse in the pic? As for Rhea, I do like her a top but I would have preferred if she had ditched her jeans and just worn the top on its own (plus a slip) with a wide belt..Neelam and Sonali have worn cute shoes - the rest is boring..

Who: Mallika Arora Khan and Sonam Kapoor

Lovely shade of blue - perfect for a hot summer day. Mallika - ditch the blind man's glasses and the bag which probably has more fabric than ur romper!! Sonam - nice hair and jumper and yes, we saw ur $$$$ designer bag..

Who: Suzanne Roshan Khan

Suzanne Roshan Khan decided that if she cant wear a bandage dress she might as well bandage her legs and get in on the trend. btw, Britney Spears called, she wants her clothes back...

Oops, Thats not Mehr but Rhea:-) Thanks to Maitri for correct ID..
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Tanvi said...

Love the Whites. Love the Blues. Dnt like Mrs. Roshan's outfit. Twinkle is looking better with age :)

Lazy Pineapple said...

hehe I loved your caption on Suzanne's photo :)

As for the rest of the ladies..they sure do look lovely

Dusk said...

hahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahaha!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm laughing so hard I cN&t tY&$#pe!!! The nurse and giant bag got me but the last caption was a killer...

Twinkle...yowza! still trying to get my head around the fact that this is "Bobby's" daughter! The dress is indeed gorgeous and clever with the darker shading at the bottom. Believe me, in bandage quickly learn the Geisha step. And how to live without breating.

Nalini Hebbar said...

I liked Lara...I wish she had a colourful scarf around her neck...Twinkle is gorgeous here in the bandage!

Anonymous said...

twinkle's dress

Viintii said...
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