Sunday, February 28, 2010

55th Filmfare Awards - the wives club

Left: Gauri Khan, Right : Hrithik and Suzanne Roshan

Gauri has not only been a Vogue cover girl but was also the showstopper on the ramp for Karan Johar's fashion line. There is an immense interest in her since she is married to the King Khan. She pretty much wears high-end designer stuff but one thing is consistent about her - her makeup. She always, always looks oily- not sure if she likes that kind of shiny look or no-one has the guts to point it out to her..... Anyways, I like the color of her dress but not the style. The bottom half looks like a sari :-P An empire waist would have looked better with this beautiful draping.

Suzzane is wearing one of the better looks seen at the awards. I love everything about the gown - the cut, the fabulous color, the halter neck.. For a change, her hair looks good too.

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Dusk said...

You are so spot on with your outfit tweak suggestions. Definitely an empire waist... Grecian draping only look good on Laxmi Menon types and even then it's all about the posing! An angular side-on pose with hands cinching the material at waist and anyone looks good in shapeless drape!

Suzzane reminds me of Kristin Davis in this shot.

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