Sunday, February 7, 2010

Hits of the week - 1st Feb

Who: Bipasha Basu
Where: On the unveiling of her fitness DVD

Look at her toned legs!! She is completely fat free!! And this is a perfect dress to wear for selling a fitness DVD..Her msg is clear - if you wanna look like me, buy my DVD..Now if she could just tell us what we need to do to hook John Abraham:-P

Who: Parvathi Meltho
Where: Swarovski Auction Dinner
I am a sucker for anything in this olive green color..Unfortunately, I could not find a front shot of hers but the second picture shows the details on her shoulder strap. A very elegant dress paired with the perfect golden shoes.

Who: Raageshwari
Where: Swarovski auction dinner

A simple classic wrap dress in a traffic stopping red..This is such a girly-girl dress . Everyone should have a wrap dress since they are so universally flattering.. I can totally see myself wearing this dress without even doing Bipasha's workout!! Love her smile...

Who: Celina
Where: Egypt tourism event

Celina looks like a screen siren in a Grecian floor length gown with a bit of bling.. I guess the Egyptian tourism guys saw her acting and thought she is a 'mummy' since she has the same stiff expression in all her movies. What else could be her connection with Egypt??

Who: Bipasha Basu
Where: Promoting Valentine Gilli collection

Yup Bipasha again, she is on a roll this week..Frills hit the mark here and in white, they are exceptionally decadent - reminds me of a multi-tiered wedding cake:-) (Note to self : think exercise, not food). Since the dress is so dramatic, she kept her accessories simple - just a red peep-toe shoes - which I think is brilliant..

On the fence..

Who: Vidya Maldave
Where: Swarovski event for endangered tiger

This could have a been a stunning dress if the blue sash did not come all the way down...I am so tempted to pull it and see if the whole thing unravels.

Who: Asin
Where:Promoting Clear shampoo

The one-shoulder dress overwhelms her petite frame and she should have gone for a wider waist-cinching belt. I do love the way she styled the dress with a gently shading red clutch and her red peep-toes..I guess after her 'London Dreams' bombed, this is all the work she is getting..

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