Thursday, February 25, 2010

Harper Bazaar - Anniversary cover & Party

I am feeling too lazy to do two separate posts -- for Harper's Bazaar one year anniversary cover and the other for anniversary party two posts for the price for one!! Its the recession, chicas, everyone is giving discounts...

Warning: The cover features Hrithik and Katrina and they look hot, so grab an icy drink before u look at the pics..

Here are some more pics from the photo-shoot:

Hubby dear, stop drooling... Two beautiful people make one smoking couple!!Not sure if I like Hrithik better with or without the beard. Katrina is doing the only thing she knows - being a barbie doll. I hope they star in a movie soon..What do you guys think - which Hollywood chick-flick remake will be appropriate for them??

Given that Katrina was the cover girl, she did not turn up for the anniversary party - at least I could not find any pics..In fact, I only saw guys on the red carpet. Where did all the gals disappear?

Left: Hrithik, Right: Karan Johar

Hrithik disappoints - I just dont like the vest he wore and, ummm, he looks so greasy?? I like him with the beard - hey, that was an easy decision. Karan looks like a penguin in that white-black tux.

Left: Rahul Khanna, Right: Arjun Ramphal

Rahul looks really dapper in his suit. I wish he would stop doing the "blink, u miss" roles in movies and do a full-fledged one. Arjun, I am all for bandana's but not on the red-carpet. That and sneakers and shirt not tucked in - all too causal for the red carpet.

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