Sunday, September 4, 2011

Some pretty things..

Who: Dia Mirza
Where: Promoting "Love Zindagi Breakups" at Kimaya

I cant resist any sequins esp when the color is so elegant but I think the skirt needs a broader waistband. That would have provided a nice contrast with the full body of the skirt. And even though Dia's shoes are cute, they are not the same shade as her sequins and that throws me off-balance..

Who: Soniya Mehra
Where: Hippie night

Soniya does the hippie in a lace shorts, mismatched bangles and a flower hairband. A bright pink bag and some weird eye makeup completed her look.
So is she hippie enough for you?

Who: Sonakshi Sinha
Where: UTV event

Sonakshi needs to get some bangs/fringe or change her hairstyle becoz her huge forehead is really distracting:-(
Her outfit is cute and elegant.

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FashionPhD said...

LOVE dia's skirt and i can play tennis on sonakshis forhead!!

Anonymous said...

You're right about Sonakshi's forehead :P

Wow I'm loving having you and your fun posts back!

Also, love Diya's skirt but none of the three looks are inetersting!

Nav said...

I like Dia's sequined skirt too!! and sonakshi is wearing such a cute outfit, yea bangs would be nice on her!

xo Nav

Tanvi said...

Dia's skirt IS pretty! :)

Also, agree, Sonakshi could do with some bangs!!!

♡ from ©

shuchita said...

missed your posts a lot welcome back and sonakshi should do something about that forehead

Sovina said...

hey! welcome back..I like Dia's skirt but I would have paired it with some heels ...Sonakshi has an attractive face and I feel that the bangs would take the attention away from it :)

Sam B said...

Welcome back!

Love those lace shorts and the sequined skirt!!

Rock'n Roll Ballerina said...

Great to have you back again! :)
Love the sequin skirt.

Nostalgic said...

Welcome back, babe :)

Oh, youre so right about sonakshi's forehead :D

Zizi said...

Is it just me or sonakshi's forehead does look red?? I love Dia's skirt..

Btw, welcome back..haven't seen a post from you in a long time :)

Vix said...

Welcome back, Sonali! I've missed you.
Gorgeous though she is Soniya's not quite hippy enough for me, too mitchy matchy although her bangles are awesome. x

Harman said...

Yay!!!!! love to see ur blog...
updating our knowledge ;)
to my eyes..I like sonakshi..
she needs some bangs but very Cute!

Anonymous said...

welcome back..:)
Dia is pretty
And sonia is not looking so hippie...

Jahn 'n Style said...

I like Dia's skirt..

Anonymous said...

I am SO.GLAD to have you god DID I miss you!!!!

STYLE'N said...

Dia looks lovely! Welcome back!!!!

Karishma said...

What a gorgeous blog you have sweets. How havent we met before! Following you. :)
And if you get time do check out MAC liipie giveaway on my blog
HAppy blogging gurl!

Raajii said...

Yes, Dia's skirt is great. Where have you been? Please blog more often :-)

Anonymous said...

and now you are gone again!!! Yay

Akshita Jain said...

Love dis's skirt
Colorific India

nehasdomain1 said...

great post!

following you, would love it if you could follow back.

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