Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Freida Pinto @ Met Gala 2011

Who: Freida Pinto
Where: Met Gala 2011

Freida wore Chanel Spring 2010 Couture gown to the Met Gala. Neck up she looks fabulous with the red lip color and side parting but I am not so sure about the dress. After seeing Pippa in that slinky white bridesmaid dress, its going to be really tough for anyone to come close.
I am itching to pull the black drawstring and see if the whole thing falls apart:-)

What do you guys think?


Vintage Vixen said...

I loved it, Pippa's was classy whereas Frida's has more sass and attitude. xxx

Rock'n Roll Ballerina said...

Frida looks great. But I'm a bit unsure about the tie thing on the dress. Otherwise I kind of liked it:)

Nav said...

dRESS is ok but the tie seems out of place.


Tanvi said...

I think it is alright! It is not the best but nothing to hate about it either! :)

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style'n said...

hmmmm I have to admit I am not a huge fan of that dress but I love the color of her lipstick, her dress, and her hair looks fab!

Harman said...

..Love IT!

Asiya said...

I'm gonna say...it's meh and I don't hate it or love it.

She makes it work, but I can't see a lot of other people pulling it off.

In fact, I can see a lot of other people butchering it.

♠ Love Potion ♠ said...

i love it ;)

Hungover on Fashion said...

I somehow can't tolerate this woman, over-hyped

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