Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Event: London premier of Kites

Who: Hrithik and Suzanne Roshan

Looks like Suzanne got her hair done this time:-) Her makeup is bad (too much orange blush) but she outdid herself in the clothes department.Totally dig her dress but she should have skipped the white wrap..Suzanne has lots of things going for her - a good figure, decent looks/complexion and lots of moolah but has never really 'wowed' me on the red carpet..On the the other hand, Hrithik is hot!! or maybe I am partial to light-eyed men;-)

Who: Barbara Mori

All she is missing is her Playboy bunny ears!!

photo credits: filmicafe.com, pinkvilla.com


Tanvi said...

*drrrrrrrrrooooooooooool* ... and I am back .... I absolutely agree on your verdict for Mrs. Roshan. She always misses the mark due to one or the other reason!

And I was thinking the EXACT same thing about Ms. Mori! It's not a Red Carpet dress ... [May be a bachelor's night dress!]

stillbutmoving said...

The playboy bunny thing(ala Reese Witherspoon in Bridget Jones' diary) was the first thing that came to my mind. After seeing your comments, a smile followed.

IF you carefully look at the third pic, there are thin ears superimposed on the top of her head(that is something from the background obviously) and she is doing the playboy logo with her left hand.

Ruby said...

@ stillbutmoving: great vision..it does look like ears...

her dress is what teenagers wear...nd suzanne's is a step up from her previous outfits, but she shouldve skipped the stole and wore better heels, and her dress finishes at an awkward length:S

Lazy Pineapple said...

Hrithik is looking absolutely dreamy......Susanne always falls flat when it comes to fashion...

Brabara mori looks pretty from neck up. I feel if the length of the dress would have been longer...more like a gown...she would have looked Hot..

Dusk said...

Hahahahahaha... well that peace sign could actually be her Playboy bunny ears!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't get Suzanne but then see, I don't like Suzanne [oh because I personally know her. NOT].
...I just have a huge [fan based] hate for the Khan family ever since Zeenat momentarily lost her senses and 'married' Suzanne's thug fool father and he and his Suzanne's fishwife mother Zarine assaulted her.

So for me...Suzannae is tarred with that same thug fishwife brush.

Harsh? maybe. oh well.

Hrithik looks sharp but please God, tell me that is not a mullet he's got happening there!
...so were you partial to daddy Roshan!! He's a better director than an actor. I loved 'Khoon Bhari Maang', which was based on an Australian book.

By the way... where is Sonu Walia?

Why didn't Hrithik and Aish fall in love? WHY?? They'd be the Bolywood Brangelina!! Aishthik!!

Wow. This is a long comment...

[8:23pm Wed May 19th - catching up with blogs after yoga and dinner]

Dusk said...

(by the way I'm not really judgemental and 'sins of the fathers' type person!! Suzanne doesn't answer for her parents stupidity. I'm just being silly. Maybe. ...I still think that Suzanne would like to rip the Mori girl's hair out...!)

Tanvi said...

@ Dusk - Hahahaha!!! You are so funny ... and just like me ... with strong views and opinions ... which the world probably can't understand!!! ... Thanks for updating me with Khan Family drama ... I have met Suzanne .. even spoken to her for 2 seconds. She seems VERY sweet and down to earth! ... And I think Hrithik and Aish shld make babies just in the name of 'good-looking-genes' .. The worlds need more good looking people desperately ;)

The Goddess of Boho said...

barbara's dress is adorable, but so inappropriate.
And the stockings? Good lord!

Dusk, I'm the same. She totally want's to rip Mori's hair out!


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