Monday, May 31, 2010

Style Diary

We had a long weekend here in the USA and I was out of action for a couple of days. Let's see what the Bollywood babes have been up to in my absence:-)

Who: Sushmita Sen
Where: In "I am She"event

Sushmita in a black gown. Again. At first I thought she had feathers on her sleeve but looks like a polka-dot ruffle sleeve.A very ho-hum dress. I said dress, not her:-) She looks really tall..

Who: Vidya Balan
Where: Inauguration of Fertility seminar

Vidya doing a plain Jane in a simple but eye catching sari. Never realized she is so pretty. I wish she had worn her sari in a different way (Gujarati style) because it looks like the sari has a gorgeous paisley design ( u can see it in the first pic, at the tail end of the sari) which is completely hidden this way..

Interesting how a little red and beige can brighten up a plain black look..

Who: Lara Dutta
Where: Opening of first 'Zara' store

Yay!! some bright colors!! The origami pattern at the waist takes this outfit from an ordinary ruffle dress to a drool worthy level. Of course, it does help that Lara is wearing it. Totally dig the pink envelope clutch.

Who: Nida Mahmood
Where: Raul Chandra's Experiment in arts, fashion and Music

This is one designer whose collection I would love to check out just based on her styling!! How gorgeous are her layered necklaces, embroidered belt and her dhoti pants. A casual yet elegant look.

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Sunaina said...

Totally adree on the sari and Lara is so beautiful!

hitesh rawat said...

Vidya is like those eternal beauty who won't fade in Rakha, Hema Malini or least i rate her that....... :)

she mostly dresses in Ethnic wear.....i think she know what she looks good in

Lara dress seems like a refreshing........bright colors always catches you eyes....and Lara is pulling it very well

Lazy Pineapple said...

Vidya looks dowdy..a little auntyish for my taste :P

Lara looks Fab, Sushmita looks nice and I loved Nida's outfit :)

Cinderella said...

TOTALLY DIIIIIIIGGGGGGGGG Lara's dress! I would have chosen a smaller clutch tho.

Kelly said...

The blue one is great!!! and the clutch is amazing!!!
Thank you sooooo much for your comment sweety!

Many many kisses!

Dusk said...

Hello honey!!... I missed BSD!!!
Haven't been around much myself except to vist my favourites so, you know... had withdrawal symptoms!

ooh I don't mind Sush here, I don't even mind the dress, she look like an Amazon! She is quite tall anyway right, 5'9" I think.

Nida is soooo funky cool!! And I love Lara's outfit colours too/

ps. I answered this on one of my posts comments section, I use Photoshop Elements 5, which is positively ancient now!! Am going to indulge and upgrade sometime soon!

Tanvi said...

Love Lara's dress and her attitude!

I can't make up my mind about Vidya's saree ... I like it .. but then I don't like it ... hmmm

Nida looks funky! My kinda girls ;)

P.S. I will try and post a closer picture of necklace next time I wear it. Sometimes we are getting late and my husband get restless taking my pictures! So I have to make do with whatever good shots he gets in first 5 mins! Beggars can't be choosers!

Sovina said...

Vidya sure is beautiful and looks too good in all sabya's sarees but I am kind of bored by seeing her almost same style..I think she should try some change now :)
Sush's appearance is sure an upgrade from her last one..she looks good, tall and most importantly the makeup and hair looks good.

Vivarjitha said...

looks gr8...liked vidya and sushmitha!!!

The Goddess of Boho said...

Omg gorgeous, gorgeous dress!

And Nida Mahmood nailed it no.
Love love her look.

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