Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Style Watch

Mad about plaid

Who: (L) Sophie Choudary, (R) : guest
Where: Diesel Launch party

Both wore cute plaid dresses but I like Sophie's better since she also rocks the 'zipper on the outside' trend.. Cant believe both wore peep-toes and similar clutches:-)

Asymmetrical white dress
Who: Guests
Where: Priya Chatwal Kitsch launch

The dresses are perfect for a hot summer night party!! Cant say the same for the tacky looking accessories..I love the delicate, black edging on the left dress and it has an interesting hemline. The right dress drapes perfectly and has a cute snake on the shoulder..hmmm, never thought 'cute' and 'snake' would be together in the same sentence:-)

photo credits: santabanta.com


Persis Shah said...

love those white greek-ish drapes. i remember sonam kapoor wearing something like that once and looking awesome!


Lazy Pineapple said...

never was a fan of plaids :(
But I love the women in white. Both look fresh and ravishing. Except for the nailpolish on the lady on the left. Too loud :)

Sunaina said...

I love Sophies dress!

Tanvi said...

I like all four dresses in bits and pieces. Neither of them are perfect nor a complete disaster :)

Dusk said...

Not big on plaid as an 'event' print. The white dresses however are divine!...minus the accessories :). Love the one on the left.

knk said...

beautiful plaids looks amazing i like it thy looks amazing looks hot

BarelyVogue said...

I am soo into plaid now
And white is always classy

bollywoodstylediaries said...

@Persis : I remember Sonam's dress..it was longer and had a knot..and she wore it with really stunning jewelry..here's the link:


I like plaids but somehow I associated that print with winters:-)

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