Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Event: Mushtaq Sheikh's sister wedding

Mushtaq Sheikh is a script writer (Om Shanti Om and Billu Barber) and who's who of Bollywood turned up for his sister's wedding. Lets start from the top:-)

In Black
Left: Shahrukh Khan
Right: Farhan Akhtar

No one's going to read what I lets all take a moment and just drool:-)

Who: Rani Mukherjee

I have no idea what she is wearing!! Looks like something the cat dragged in..Two thumbs down..

The White Army

Who: Kim Sharma

How cute are the sequins on her saree and her matchy-matchy clutch!! She wears the saree very well..

Who: Sophie Choudry

If I am not mistaken that's 'Patti ka kaam' - an exquisite embroidery work of Aligarh in Uttar Pradesh..I am a big fan of this stuff and after seeing how good Sophie looks, getting this one on my next trip:-) Blogging is soo not good for my wallet!!

Who:Sonali Bendre

Simple but elegant..

Who: Isha Koppikar

I didn't like the red purse - just doesn't flow with the whole outfit..

Who: Prachi Desai

The outfit is very causal for a wedding and her hair looks unkempt..

Who: Katrina Kaif

This is a cute, chic dress paired with equally cute gold t-straps. Katrina kept her makeup simple and wore no accessories, not even earrings. Did someone tell her she is at a wedding?? Katrina looks very washed out and so out of place. Maybe she is sleep walking:p

So which white outfit did u like best??

And all colors in between..

Who: Kangana Ranaut

That is a very tacky saree and isn't that a little too much skin for a wedding?? Is she dressed up for an 'item number' or is she just flaunting her flat tummy??..I bet the bride is ready to kill her..

Who: Genelia D'Souza

The top has two different shades of blue - both of which are very summery. The contrast with yellow doesn't work for me otherwise the outfit is pretty..what about you guys??

Left: Queenie Dhody
Right: Celina Jaitely

I love both the color combinations.. Haven't seen Celina for some time on the red carpet - not that I am complaining!! Looks like she is still stuck in the same look..Will check back in few months and see how she is doing:-)

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Tanvi said...

Yikes! ... Rani ... high on talent ... low on style!

Jonesy said...

Yea, don't love this look....

Dusk said...

Lunch break! It's after 2pm on Thurs, had 3hours of flamenco this morning, so deserve a break before diving back in to work! It's blog time!!

don't kill me, please don't hate me but... I don't find SRK attractive...

Duck not a name typo, that's me ducking for cover...!

I think he's a brilliant actor and really do enjoy his personality off screen as well but... that's it.

(I mean, I am very old school... I drool over Vinod Khanna, Feroz Khan and 'Qurbani' was drool ville for me!! Gosh, that was 30 years ago!!!)

However... let's talk about the honey on the right... who is he??? And where can I get one???


I think Rani may be wearing the dragged in cat...

bollywoodstylediaries said...

@Dusk: 3 hours of flamenco!! boy, u have some energy!!

I do find SRK attractive - he was yummy in 'DDLJ' and that's how I want to remember him forever:-)

Faran Akhtar is a director, singer, actor, tv-host -all rolled into one!! talk about multi-tasking!! u must watch his debut direction "Dil Chahta hai"..Not a big fan of his acting but he is cute..if u like him, u should see "Rock on"..

Feroz Khan was delicious in 'Qurbani'..

Lazy Pineapple said...

Srk looks so Bleh...I am not a big fan these days...

Excepting Kanagana and Rani ofcourse..I like most of the outfits..
I liked Genelia, she looked so fresh :)

Kelly said...

All the white dresses are great!!
Simple but elegant and chic!!!
Kim Sharma's is my favorite!!

Many many kisses

Raja said...

argh ....... looks like "Meet the ugly people in Bollywood" event!

Vintage Obsession said...

farhan Akthar all the way :) prachi looks pretty but her dress is just about ok . is that pretti chic still around ??Isha looks soo pretty :)

Persis Shah said...

hello sweetie!!

it's good to be back here and getting my daily dose of filmy gossip!!

i agree...what in God's name is Rani wearing?
and so many celebs in white...I think I liked Sophie's outfit (its gota patti work, i had it done on my wedding ghaghra last yr) and Kim's saree the best.

p.s that lady in the last pic isn't Vidya it's Queenie Dodi, just thot u'd like to know =)

xo. Persis

bollywoodstylediaries said...

@Persis: I missed u and ur blog post..but u are making it up with such gorgeous pics of Spain..

Thanks for the correction!!

Taj Acosta said...

okay I am loving Sophie Choudry's outfit! So please do pick me one up also on your trip! lol! A girl needs one! Great post I loved reading your comments! xoxo

Vivarjitha said...

nice one though!!!!...i liked kat's look..she looks very pretty in the pic!!!

Tanvi said...

I am from UP [ancestors!] ... Just had to say that ... you added more pictures to this post? Hmmm I like Sonali ... she is so pretty ... isn't she?

Are you from Delhi? Originally? ... And yes I do travel ... I don't want no diamonds ... I don't want to house either ... I only wanna travel ... in three years of my marriage 'all gifts' birthday, anniversary, valentines, anything has been trips to new places. I wanna see the whole world! :o) ... Tehran was very interesting. Very developed would put any country to shame. ├╝ber friendly people, impeccable infrastructure, awesome shopping, great food. Loved it there. Would go back once I have been to all other countries ;)

Vintage Vixen said...

I love Celina's outfit, so vibrant!
SRK looks very strange these days, I used to adore him but his face looks a bit plastic.

RepublicOfChic said...

I READ what you write!! :)

hitesh rawat said...

First, have u placed the First:- Good Second:- Bad

cause Rani, Kim, Isha look so Fugly in those second pics.........
Loved Sophie, Genelia, Kangana, Prachi, Katrina and SONALI (she is still my fav)................but i don;t know wats with Celina.......lately i have started hating the way she dresses.........same with this one too.......

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