Monday, May 3, 2010

Scarlet fever

Vibrant, dramatic and daring, red is a color that immediately attracts attention. It takes quite a boldness to wear this color. The important thing to remember when wearing it is that everything else - makeup/accessories - should be complimentary since the color takes the center stage. Otherwise you will end up looking like a drag queen:-) Here are some red outfits from the past week.

Who: Sania Mirza
Where: Femina Miss India 2010

Love the clutch. She could have rocked this look if her makeup was not this clownish and hair so severe..

Who: Vidya Maldave
Where: Launch of BMW new models

Totally dig how the chains are incorporated in the gown but somehow waist down, this gown lost me...

Who: Bipasha Basu
Where: Anjalee and Arjun Kapoor boutique opening

This is the best pics I have - do like her makeup but iffy on the gown..I think it makes her look bigger than she actually is..

Who: Neetu Chandra
Where: Leena Mogre gym launch

Surprisingly, this is the best outfit among the four - I have a weakness for obi belts:-) I think she could have gone for a bag, one size smaller...

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Lazy Pineapple said...

I liked how Bipasha points for other ladies....all such sad outfits :(

Sania's gown is nice and the clutch too...

Vintage Obsession said...

Sania Mirza is the worst among them , somehow people here in India mess that color up totally

Zanah said...

Love the softer red shade ♥

Mon Mode Blog

Dusk said... are always SO SPOT ON with everything you observe and say!!

knk said...

wow beauties in red great post they looks amazing
i agree sania is worst in here and also in tennis ground

Tanvi said...

You know I personally think they go wrong with the tone of Red they choose. We have a wheatish complexion and the shocking red [no matter how chic the gown] doesn't look good on us. Secondly, I think the posture is most important while wearing gowns - shoulders back, stomach in - and yet be lady like! Sania is fullfilling these two needs but you are right make up sucks. And, I like the work 'waist up' on Bips dress! Everyone else needs a stylist intervention! :)

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