Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The good and the ugly

Who: Raageshwari
Where: At a comedy play presented by Jet airways

Isn't that skirt divine? Love the unusual print/embroidery on it. Raageshwari paired the dress with a silver BV and silver pumps. Not sure why she choose silver, would have preferred white peep-toes and deep blue clutch. Her hair looks weird too, so lets just admire the skirt and leave it at that.

Who: Shazahn Padamsee, Sophie Choudry
Where: Dr Rashmi Shetty party, Valentine's day party

Two great floral outfits - one for the day and one for night. Like Shazahn's better becoz of the vintage-y print.

Who: Esha Koppikar
Where: At a comedy play presented by Jet airway

All I see is the red Birkin. Esha's outfit doesn't live up-to the dramatic red Hermes. The way to fix this is to take it off and put something else on:-)

photo credits: filmicafe.com, bollywoodhungama.com


Vintage Vixen said...

Shazhan and Sophie are my two too looks here. The colours of the dresses they're wearing are just gorgeous and the clashing accessories stop them looking like they're trying too hard. xxx

Crazy Diamond said...

i agree with you - a deepblue clutch would have looked much better with that dress on raageshwari.. the dress looks beautiful. can hardly see her entire hairstyle

esha's attire is boring..

like shazahn's hairstyle

rakhshanda said...

i love Shazhan's fresh look here. she is cute.

rakhshanda said...

Rageshwarri looks pretty!! Great post :)

Chandana said...

love that skirt... would love to have that! But in some other colour..

i like both the floral dresses.. Sophie's is nice and bright!

Esha.. hmmm... dont like the shoes.. jeans are not a proper fit.. boring!

The Postcolonial Rabbit said...

Raageshwari's skirt is stunning! I love the modern shape combined with the embroidery, I've been considering getting some dresses made like this in Bangladesh, modern fusion-wear without being boho or "ethnic" (hate those words!). (I.e. nothing Vidya would wear, but should!) But agree with the silver accessories - WTF? so many lovely colours in the skirt to choose from, and you pick silver? Bollywood actresses need to getover the adage that metallics go with everything. I do believe some of them only have two pairs of heels and two clutches, in gold and silver!

Shazahn looks so cute, I usually dislike drop waists but it suits her.

I see the Hermes with a dramatic flared 50s style black dress. Not that combo.

Tejal Pandkar said...

Loved Shazahn Padamsee's dress here..

Jahn 'n Style said...

<3<3 shazahn's dress...i want it!! :(:(

Harman said...

ha haaa....nice review..
Raageshwari dress is cute but needs to shorten the length little bit and better shoes ..and some good hairstyle!
needs some accessories..instead of that watch ..a nice dangly bracelet!

tanvii.com said...

That dress (skirt?) is indeed cute! I want :)

Splurgerina said...

I like Shazahn here..the print/colors are really awesome!

Anonymous said...

Nothing here is working for me!

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