Sunday, February 27, 2011

Weekend Roundup

Who: Sonam Kapoor
Where: Shahid Kapoor bday bash

Bed-sheet tied up with string or lovely grecian dress ?? You decide.

Who: Suzanne Khan
Where: At her "Charcoal project"

Suzanne kept it simple in a very feminine and flattering LBD in a classic silhouette - a close-fitted bodice and full-flare skirt nipped with a skinny belt. The pleating on the sleeve and tiers on the skirt add a new twist to the old classic. Love!

Who: Preity Zinta
Where: Suzanne Khan "Charcoal project"

Love is blind, so is adoration:-) I refuse to see Preity's washed out face or her common-place front-ruffle dress. I think she just rocks!!

Who: Katrina Kaif, Twinkle Khanna
Where: Suzanne Khan "Charcoal project"

Katrina succeeded in doing the impossible - making florals look as dull as the ditch water. And as if the dress wasn't depressing enough, Katrina paired it with drab brown accessories.
Twinkle also wore some dull colors but by adding a bright green bag and layered gold necklace, she totally elevated her outfit. All hail the queen of accessorizing!!

Who: Shilpa Shetty, Sophie Choudry
Where: Suzanne Khan "Charcoal project"

Wow, Shilpa's body is a work of art! Just one question - how do you sit in that dress or more importantly, breath?

A wraparound dress and a tulip hemline - both are my favorites and no wonder, I love Sophie's outfit. The color is great and I like her choice of accessories.

Who: Gauri Khan, Farah Ali Khan
Where: Suzanne Khan "Charcoal project"

Is that really you, Gauri? Gauri in something that is not bright orange, OTT or blinding us! And she is looking good! Gauri is hip and trendy in a masculine pants worn with a very feminine halter top. I just hope she keeps it up.
Farah also looks trendy in her slim cigarette pants worn with a loose white top and teamed with red clutch and red lips. Not sure about her hairstyle - I think its too teenagerish for such a sophisticated outfit.

Who: Rani Mukherjee, Genelia D'souza, Sonali Bendre
Where: Shahid Bday bash

Rani - Whoa, why is she so orange?Is she preparing to be a pumpkin in her next movie?
Genelia - Lacy leggings with a sheer blouse?? No one is that cute enough to make such an outfit work!
Sonali - She is having a serious relationship with bib necklaces and I am not complaining!


Jahn 'n Style said...

Suzanne's outfit is adorable :) said...

I like Sonam's look. Very boho-spring-easy going. I guess fine for Bombay evenings, no? Also, Gauri did good.

Splurgerina said...

Agree with Tanvi..I like Sonam's look..but then as you say " Love is blind, so is adoration." :P

Harman said...

..i didnt like soonam ..i agree..its looks more like a bed sheet..tied with a string!
Suzzane looks cool...even priety looks good!

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