Sunday, February 6, 2011

Red Carpet Event:Stardust awards 2011

Who: Anushka Sharma, Sonakshi Sinha

Anushka is elegant and lethal in a beautifully draped dress. I havent seen Anushka in a gown and she looks incredibly alluring in this color. Thankfully, she didnt add any necklace and kept it simple with silver earrings.
Sonakshi does love this style since she already owns this dress in mustard yellow. The pulled back hair, silver pumps - all give it a very sophisticated, chic look. Two thumbs up to the lovely color.

Who: Amrita Puri, Mehr and Arjun Rampal, Twinkle Khanna

Amrita wore a dusty pink, bodycon dress. I think the dress is rather cute with the over-sized flower but not happy with her shoe choice.
Its impossible to get a clear picture of what Mehr is wearing since she is clinging to her husband in very shot. Seeing how delicious Arjun looks, I can hardly blame her!
Twinkle wore an asymmetrical silver dress, teamed with silver shoes and earrings. I wish she had gone one size up becoz right now she looks tightly wrapped in a silver foil!

Who: Suzanne Roshan, Prachi Desai, Shraddha Kapoor

Like the streamlined look of Suzanne's dress and its a pity we cant clearly see the McQueen skull clutch.
Prachi - OMG, who did this to you??It should be a crime for anyone to step out in such a horrific outfit.
Shraddha - The skirt is very interesting and would have worked with a simple tank top. The clutch is too shiny for me.

Who: Neha Dhupia, Sophie Choudry

Neha wore a yellow/black Shane and Falguni outfit. Its a very striking dress and I think she does justice to this dress with her sleek, shiny hair and smokey eyes.
I love everything about Sophie's dress but wish someone more interesting had worn it.

Who: Rani Mukerjee, Sonali Bendre, Kajol

Black/gold is a very safe and boring combination on the red carpet. But the addition of the red blouse/top, upgrades this look. Smart choice, Rani.
I like how Sonali added a skinny belt to her red saree resulting in a silhouette different from a normal saree. I just wished she had worn a less glitzy top.
Kajol is one of my favorite actress but her dress choices really confound me!

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rakhshanda said...

Anushka Sharma and Rani look beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing:)

Sam B said...

Anushka looks lovely. Loved the post :)

sartorial diary said...

sonakshi sinha finally got it right!!
neha dhupia and mehr jessia look stunning!
twinkle khanna looks visibly rounder(ahem).

Vintage Vixen said...

The top two ladies are the winners in my eyes, freaking fabulous. xxx

Anonymous said...

Love your blog and your smart comments :) Sure make me smile.

Raajii said...

What is wrong with Kajol?! I really love her but seriously woman :P. I was watching the filmfare awards yesterday and it almost seems like she has either gained lots of weight or she is pregnant. Any news on that? :-)

Sunaina said...

I see a lot of dresses but not too many nice ones! I think Amrita and Prachi are wearing the most beautiful dresses !

Raajii said...

Thanks for liking the photograph :-).

That makes sense then. I will give her a couple more months before I start objecting again :P hehe. We are so harsh.

Splurgerina said...

Love Anushka... and Sonakshi for that color! But my favorite has to be Neha...what a beautiful dress! She looks amazing!

Harman said...

none!..ACTUALLY..ITS LOOKS...wicked!

The Beautyholic said...

I am adoring the pink on sonakshi! x said...

I can't take my eyes off Neha!

Crazy Diamond said...

lol, so right abt the tight warpped foil

thatd ress looks too tight for twinkle

love sonakshi's dress' color! not her, i dont like her at all!

if i could take certain things from this post inside my closet.. they'd be neha dhupia's outfit, rani's saari and arjun rampal

Anonymous said...

Wow such a fun post!

I like Anushka better than Sonakshi minus the shoes.

Given the cobalt colour and Mehr's figure, I think that maxi works. Arjun *droool*

I actually like all the three black outfits although Prachi could've styled it better.

Neha looks sooo chic soo chic.

Rani bores me and so does Kajol but Sonali with that cummerbund sooo hot!

Jahn 'n Style said...

Anushka and Neha looks ravishing!

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