Thursday, February 10, 2011

Magazine Covers - February 2011

Filmfare - Anushka Sharma
Grazia - Deepika Padukone
Femina - Kangana Ranaut
Stardust Icon - Rani Mukherjee
Vogue - Aishwarya Rai
Elle - not sure abt the models
Conde Nast Traveller - Padma Lakshmi

The Filmfare cover is soft and simple but there is waay too much text on the cover. Looks like they out the entire content of the magazine on the cover!!

Grazia - The clothes, the side plait and the pose, especially the pose is soooo Sonam Kapoor! why? Is there no one else left to copy? And they have managed to make a beautiful girl look so unattractive! First for any magazine:-)

Like the Femina cover. the color composition of the Stardust Icon cover is nice but Rani isnt looking her best.

We already did the Vogue cover in a earlier post. Aishwarya is wearing Roksanda Ilincic and is looking fierce.

The Elle cover is the best. I never seen a denim jacket look this sexy. I also like the fact the models are not over-styled and over-accessorized . Not sure who the models are but they rock the cover.

Not sure whats more attractive on the Traveller cover - the New York skyline or Padma Lakshmi. Honestly, the cover makes me want to buy the issue to check out all the NY bar-hopping places. Which is exactly the point!!

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sartorial diary said...

you're right abt the grazia cover,the dress is nice,but deepika does'nt quite pull it off(what's with the emaciated expression??).
also aishwarya looks stunning on the vogue cover.wish the editorial featuring her(inside the mag)was as nice!

Vintage Vixen said...

I'm leaning towards Icon magazine as that pink coat is just divine! xxx said...

I saw Patiala House and liked it and hence I am happy ... and thus I like them all ... haha! :)

Harman said...

..I like femina with Kangana Ranaut...she is looking very cute!

Raajii said...

I really want to read these magazines! it sucks. Every time I look at these photos, all I want to do is open it up :P

Splurgerina said...

Anushka looks pretty on the Filmfare cover...I like Deepika too...the colors speak to me :) I think I like them all except for Rani!

Cicatrix said...

I like the Grazia cover, its's a very fashion forward edgy cover and Morphe! I LOVE

Sunaina said...

I don't know them all but they all look gorgeous. Every cover is great in his own way!

Cinderella said...


Jahn 'n Style said...

love the FEMINA cover!! so fresh!!

Crazy Diamond said...

kangna looks cute in a sweet, simple smile on the femina cover :>

Dusk said...

Aish's Vogue cover and shoot is beyond divine! (I commented about this on your fb page). For me, NO ONE can compare to this woman.
..but damn... the Elle cover is feeyurce!

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