Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Spotted around town

Who: Lara Dutta
Where: Forbes Life magazine launch

Lara wore a daring, plunging gown to the magazine launch. She paired the bright gown with silver accessories. Lara sure does rock that gorgeous color! What do you think too BOOB-tastic or just plain fantastic?

Who: Raveena Tandon
Where: Forbes Life magazine launch

I love the blue here! Paired with white, Raveena is a cool summer drink! The beauty of this whole outfit is her long-sleeved top which goes so well with the simple, sheer saree.

Who: Mahie Gill, Mona Singh
Where: "Utt Pataang" premiere

Mahie is a caped crusader in her black outfit. She will kill you with those pointy heels if you dont watch her movie!!

Mona on the other hand is all demure in her beautiful red/gold outfit. Paired with gold peep-toes, she looks bright and pretty.

Who: Sameera Reddy
Where: Shamita Shetty's bday party

No, that's not Britney Spears. Its Sameera Reddy. And that's what she wore to a birthday party! Go Figure!


Jahn 'n Style said...

Lara looks plain fantastic!!
Raveena looks so fresh :):)

what's wrong with Sameera?...looks like she was shooting some music video (the baby doll kinds)....she looks ridiculous..

Chandana said...

Lara is plain fantastic!
Sameera - hahahahaha LOL!

rakhshanda said...

Raveena looks nice!! Love Mona's outfit:)

tanvii.com said...

Lara is looking SMASHING!!! :)

Vintage Vixen said...

Lara looks gorgeous and Sameera looks like she's off to a St Trinian's fancy dress...wrong! xxx

style'n said...

Lara looks great but not loving Raveena's look for some reason. Sameera's look is definitely not my cup of tea :)

Anonymous said...

Was Sameera the stripper at the bday party?

Splurgerina said...

Lara is super hot!! and Sameera...what the heck? Is this serious? :O

Streak Hue Fall said...

Lara look refreshingly stunning!
And the outfit works simply because she looks so comfortable.

Harman said...

Lara..fabulous..her looks and dress..so inviting!

Anonymous said...

still recovering after looking at sameera's outfit! what was she thinking!!

Crazy Diamond said...

@sameera - was it vijay mallya's bday bash!?!?!?

raveena's better looks. in a longlonglong time!

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