Monday, January 31, 2011

Looks of the day

Who: Shilpa Shetty
Where: IOSIS event for underprivileged kids

Shilpa wears one of the hottest trends of Spring, 2011 - colorblocking. The outfit colors are loud and pack a punch. Love the exposed zipper trend and the fluid draping of the skirt. The outfit is amazing, pity Shilpa got her accessories wrong..

Who: Madhoo
Where: Ritu Kumar's fashion show

Mixing prints can be tricky and most of the times comes across as trying too hard. But when done right, its fashion utopia! I love the Sabayasachi outfit that Madhoo is wearing. And with messy, bed hair, Madhoo gives it a very boho-chic vibe.

Who: Lara Dutta
Were: Ritu Kumar fashion event

Lara looks radiant in a tiered, strapless gown. Does her presence at the show mean she will be wearing Ritu Kumar for her wedding? I am sure Manish Malhotra is throwing a fit somewhere:-)

Who: Celina Jaitley, Gul Panang
Where: Cotton council meet, Ritu Kumar fashion event

Never knew Celina wore anything other than sarees! This is quite pretty. I hope its not once in a lifetime thing..

Another colorblocking dress, this time in geometric prints. Gul paired the dress with nude pumps and black clutch, giving the whole ensemble a very pulled together look.

Who: Bhagyashree
Where: Ritu Kumar fashion event

Not sure why Bhagyashree had to hide her lovely features under a shaggy dog haircut! But the dog is rather cute, so I really cant blame her for copying:p

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Vintage Vixen said...

Loving Madhoo here! Isn't Shilpa looking skinny, what happened? xxx

Rock'n Roll Ballerina said...

Madhoo looks good! ;)

Harman said...

shilpa..looks good...except the big bag she is holding...
bhagyashree....ha haaa ...

Taj Acosta said...

Shilpa's hair looks really good no? Bhagyashree is going for a cut that doesn't fit her face! xo

Anonymous said...

I love the exposed zipper trend so much! It looks even more hot on the back! I want one with a long exposed zipper! Okay enough said. :P

Lara is stunning here!

Jahn 'n Style said...

hahaha...comment on Bhagyashree was a good one!

Lara looks fantastic again!! said...

Looks like Lara is in FULL FORM lately. Love her FIT body!

style'n said...

Love Lara and Shilpa's outfits. Definitely good picks for Look of the Day!

Splurgerina said...

Love Shilpa for a change...and Lara is stunning!! And lol @ Bhagyashree...I was wondering what that dog was doing're hilarious! :D said...

Heart Shilpa. She looks great!

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