Monday, January 24, 2011

Of weddings and receptions

The bride and the groom
Who: Neelam and Sameer Soni

Congrats to Neelam on her wedding. Wish them a long and happy married life!

Who: Shilpa Shetty

What is there not to love!!? That is one stunning saree! The equally gorgeous top/blouse emphasizes her dainty clavicle bones and Shilpa looks very delicate and sophisticated here. A total slam dunk!

Who: Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Rani Mukerjee
Where: At Neelam's reception

Whats there to love? Aishwarya dress is blah and Rani's dress is just tacky - Forever 21 meets Dollar store!!

Who: Karisma Kapur
Where: Neelam's wedding, Wedding reception

How does Karisma do it - she is impossible chic all the times! Never into fashion fads, Karisma sticks to classy silhouttes in subtle colors with perfectly matched accessories. She is one of the few people who get get away with matchy-match stuff.

Who: Sonali Bendre
Where: Neelam's wedding, Reception

The first time I saw the pic, I liked Sonali's saree but the more I looked, the more I found it frumpy. She fares better in the multi-colored outfit and I love the color of her shoes.

Who: Raveena Tandon
Where: Neelam's Wedding, Reception

The colors of Raveena's saree are pretty but the design/style combined with her hairstyle ages her by 20 years. She recovers very nicely with her outfit for the reception. Striking green color that plays well with the gold design, lovely halter neck top and exquisite necklace!

Who: Amrita Arora
Where: Neelams' wedding, reception

The crushed red velvet outfit is not that bad but the golden saree is the one that caught my eye . Teaming it with a golden-yellow clutch was a smart move. No to Amrita's Goldilocks hairstyle!

Who: Laila Khan
Where: Neelam's wedding, reception

That red stops you in your track, doesn't it? Since the color is so eye-searing, I think the designer did a good think by keeping the saree simple - no superfluous embroidery - and letting the color be the star. The necklace is perfect with the saree. If Laila soared at the wedding, then she stumbled at the reception in that cheapy color combo.

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Chandana said...

Shilpa's saree is just WOW!
Everything else is second!

Vintage Vixen said...

Shilpa looks amazing! xxx

Jeweliot said...

neelam in her wedding attire i looking lovely.. i like the jodi. cute

and yeah shilpa's looking LOVELY!

LOLOL @ forever 21 meets dollar store..

ClassyandFabulous said...

when will aishwarya stop wearing the same styles

Jennifer Fabulous said...

Shilpa's saree is absolutely GORGEOUS. She is so stunning, I know she could wear a brown paper bag and still look amazing. Hehe. said...

Time froze for Neelam, eh! She hasn't aged one bit :)

Harman said...

Neelam looks cute...
I like raveena in green saree!

shilpa looks awesome..she has that bod to carry! said...

Love Shilpa's saree!!!

Splurgerina said...

Love Neelam's wedding outfit..she looks beautiful! And Karishma...super classy! I also like the velvet on Amrita...the color totally works on her!

Tass said...

Shilpa deffo looks the best although she's soo skinny

The Beautyholic said...

My fav look is Shilpa! Xxx..

Raajii said...

God! I really, really, really like Shilpa's Saaree :)

style'n said...

Oh that's great she got married...had no idea. So Shilpa looks absolutely stunning. I am in love with her sari.

Anonymous said...

neelam and shilpa are well = not so much :P

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