Sunday, January 16, 2011

Weekend Round - The beautiful and the bewildering

Who: Sonam Kapoor
Where: Manish Malhotra Chivas show

Pirates of the Caribbean or woman whose shoes we could live in?
Wow, she has big feet, and the shoes make the problem worse!
The whole look has a deja-vu feeling since Sonam tends to wear a lot of these high-waisted pants and did I mention I could live in her shoes with my 6 kids, 3 dogs and 1 cat and still have room to spare!!

Who: Sameera Reddy, Urmila Matondakar
Where: Manish Malhotra Chivas show

Love both the dresses - have a very boho-chic vibe.
A big kick in the ass to Sameera for wearing such ugly shoes - what did her feet do to deserve this!!
Urmila would have fared better with a longer hemline.

Who: Kareena Kapoor, Chitrangada Singh
Where: Book launch, "Yeh Jo hai Zindagi" promos

Both, Kareena and Chitrangada, did the blazer and jeans combo. Kareena went for a semi-formal look pairing her jeans and graffiti t-shirt with a tuxedo blazer. She also went for a black/brown combination which always gets my attention.
Chitrangada went for a causal look with corduroy jacket and some killer heels and hair. Both look good.

Who:Lara Dutta
Where: At an engagement party

Wow, that saree is so striking and Lara does it full justice. She looks stunning!

Who: Bipasha Basu
Where: Maxim cover launch

If Bipasha has paid more than $29.99 for that dress she is wearing, she got ripped off. That dress is done in by its hemline - its really ugly. And the yuck shoes. Double Fail!!

Who: Neha Dhupia
Where: Manish Malhotra Chivas show

I like the color combination and the belt ties the whole look together. I am a little iffy on the width of the pant - maybe a tighter fit at the thighs and then gently flaring?!?

Who: Celina Jaitely, Shazahn Padamsee
Where: Manish Malhotra chivas show, CID gallantry awards

Celina - The dress is OTT but its a fashion show so I will let it pass.

Shazahn - I would rather die than wear this in public!!
Is she dressed "in character"? I cant seem to think of any other explanation for this atrocious dress she inflicted on us!


Jahn 'n Style said...

i like Sonam's outfit, but yeah her feet are huge...
Lara looks ravishing!!

sartorial diary said...

WOW,Bollywood celebrities sure are clueless when it comes to is it that hard to hire a good stylist?
i get the whole androgynous look sonam's trying to go for,but the high waisted pants just look plain ugly,and ill fited!

Vintage Vixen said...

Call those huge feet? You want to see mine! She looks gorgeous, in a piratey way. Love the two jeans wearers and that fab sari Lara's wearing. xxx said...

I have HUGE feet! May be Sonam and me can swap shoes ;) Love Sonam's Sameera's and Neha's look!

Jeweliot said...

Luuuuhuuuuuving Chitrangada's and Sameera's outfits! Even Kareena. Love the look

Raajii said...

I really dont think Sonam can pull this look off - perhaps someone else but not her :-).

Kareena's shoes are kinda attractive but I wouldnt wear them with blue jeans :-)

ClassyandFabulous said...

chitrangada does the blazer thing better. and lara looks amazing!

Splurgerina said...

Sonam looks good but you're right..the look is all too familiar! Love Chitrangada and Kareena...although I wish Kareena had picked another tshirt! Lara is pretty but I don't like that super tight bun she's got going on...and even though I don't like Bips' outfit she does look really her hair and makeup. is that?!?! :O

Anonymous said...

Urmila, Chitrgangada, Kareena, LAra and Neha all get my vote but Chitranagada---she's some woman! :)

Harman said...

chitrangada singh!and kareena!!
clear winner!!

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