Friday, January 14, 2011

Red Carpet Event: Zee Cine awards 2011

To say the red carpet at Zee Cine awards was disappointing, would be an understatement. There werent many celebs on the red carpet and there wasnt any dress to set ur pulse raising!!

Who: Deepika Padukone

Looks like Deepika has an affinity for drape-y, twist front clingy dresses. She wore something similar for the Kingfisher Calendar launch. She looks nice in the second pic but in the first one the dress material looks cheap and tacky. Walmart version of a couture dress!?!!

Who: Sonakshi Sinha

That is a gorgeous saree and it looks like the top/blouse is a halter with high neck. Hair is much better than last time but I still think Sonakshi dresses too mature - 23 going on 50. She needs to wear more colorful, youthful clothes!!

What do you guys think? Is this a downgrade or an upgrade from her last red carpet look at Apsara awards?

Who: Neha Dhupia, Prachi Desai

Neha looks elegant in a multi-tiered gown with lace and sequins. One of the better looks of the evening.
Looks like the dress swallowed Prachi up! Love the color but the dress isn’t well-proportioned. The top is waay too big and the bottom is too brief to balance it.

Who: Hrithik Roshan, Sophie Choudry

Suzanne is chic and polished in a simple yet elegant gown that fits her beautifully.

Sophie is OTT as expected. Can someone explain this woman’s career, existence, coverage, etc.? Why is she everywhere??


Tejal Pandkar said...
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Purvi said...

Liked what Neha is wearing and thats about it.

sartorial diary said...

if a dress can make a gorgeous might i add thin girl like deepika look a tad bit fat,you know something's wrong with it.also what's with her constipated expression?
sonakshi sinha dissapoints yet again,and ur right,she dresses way too old for her age.
neha looks awesome though!

Vintage Vixen said...

I have to agree with all your very astute observations here. That Walmart dress could be deadly next to a naked flame. xxx

Harman said...

I like sophies dress for some reason..its more of a barbie kind!

Splurgerina said...

very disappointed...esp with Deepika...why would she wear a dress that's so similar to something she just recently wore!!

A Lot Like Fashion said...

I also don't ever like Deepika's make up!

Anonymous said...

prachi ...u luk stunninn man ...u so excited tht u won "best supporting role-female" award.... keep rocinn ill b alwayzz waitin for ur further movies..luv uuuu!!

Anonymous said...

haha i like your comments!
sophie choudry especially! said...

Neha looks gorgeous!!!!

Anonymous said...

I like everyone except Deepika and Sophie. Deepika's dress is very boobilicious in a hidden way :| Does that even make sense? :|

Anonymous said...

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