Monday, January 3, 2011

Magazine Covers - January 2011

Harper's Bazaar - Karisma Kapur
Vogue - Padma Lakshmi
Elle - Shraddha Kapoor
Grazia - Genelia D'Souza
Verve - Kalki Koechlin
Marie Claire - Anushka Sharma

Karisma looks divine in a Chanel suit and golden heels on the Bazaar cover and I love the blue background. The cover is unfussy and elegant but when did she change her name to Karisma??
Karishma + photoshop = Karisma:-)

The Vogue cover is dull - a complete waste of Padma Lakshmi.

Elle - Gorgeous color composition but way too much text on the cover. Elle really needs to tone down the text. Love Shraddha's pose and t-shirt but not sure if Shraddha has the star power to sell magazines..How did she even get the Elle cover?

Grazia - Nope, I dont like Genelia's dress or her hairstyle although I do have to say the pic makes me wanna go on a cruise.

Marie Claire - And that has to be to the most terrible hairstyle on a cover. Ever.

Which cover did you like best?


- Sugar Cube - said...

dont find any of them too attractive. Just about ok

Tejal Pandkar said...

I tend to totally agree with everything you have to say about all the pictures you upload.

I always scroll down to find that you have written exactly what I thought.

Vintage Vixen said...

None of them leap out at me, the colours are very bland and far too much text. xxx

ClassyandFabulous said...

Wah! karis(h)ma on a cover of a fashion magazine after how long!?

shalini said...

Bazaar is the best, love Karisma's yellow outfit and shoes!

Harman said...

..may be the second one vogue!
but not that good!
its kinda ok!

Anonymous said...

her name has always been karisma. never karishma.

style'n said...

I have not seen Karishma (oops I mean Karisma!) in a long time. She looks beautiful.

Urvashi said...

I liked the 2nd row right one..nice overall.but yeah, can't understand about her dress..
My 1st comment..i like ur blog!!keep up the great work :D

Splurgerina said...

You know for the longest time I thought it was Karishma too but I think it's Karisma..she changed it or something..and the weird part is that I've heard people pronounce her name like "Charisma" too..strange!

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