Thursday, January 13, 2011

Spotted around town

Who: Priyanka Chopra
Where: Filmfare award nominees announcement

Dayum, she is fat-free!!
Priyanka has a great body and this corset dress really showcases it to perfection. Love the color of her outfit and choice of her footwear. Now, lets force-feed her some fat and lard:-)

Who: Celina Jaitely
Where: Jashn calendar launch

Did we dedicate this year to be the year of the Peacock?? We just saw Malaika in one such print and now this.
Celina is all dolled up like a Pageant queen for a calendar launch. The saree is great in concept but not in execution. The printed figures really elevate the saree but the color combination does not work for me.


Vintage Vixen said...

Celina's sari is a work of art, I absolutely love it.
Doesn't she have a look of Danni Minogue about her? She's beautiful. xxx

ClassyandFabulous said...

Celina needs to get a better hairstylist

Tejal Pandkar said...

@Priyanka..I just think the color doesn't look very good on her skin will look better on a tad fairer skin.

Poohkie said...

I actually like Celina's sari & considering the fact that it is Celina, I think this particular look is quite decent. I mean, I can think of quite a few ways that she could have ruined it, but didn't. said...

PC's waist is so tiny that her head look too big for her body!

sartorial diary said...

Priyanka Chopra sure fell from grace and how.i mean she looked awesomely awesome at almost every public appearance in 2008,and now she goes around wearing this sad excuse for a dress.sigh
and celina jaitley?well i gave up hope a long time ago,so.

Harman said...

I dont like celina's saree...
its like too many colors and what not!
I am more of a clean cut and solid colors!

Tania said...

celina's sari is scarier also due to her possessed/blank stare! :)

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