Monday, January 10, 2011

The good, the bad and the ugly

Who: Karisma Kapur
Where: Hrithik Roshan's bday

Karima was all sleek and shiny in a black-on-black ensemble. She went for a super slick and tight hairstyle that showed off her great bone structure and flawless skin. The top with an asymmetrical neckline is really cute but the pants look a little long.

Who: Bipasha Basu
Where: Hrithik Roshan's bday party

Thats not a bad look but for a night shindin?? Couldn't she put in some effort??!?

Who: Kiran Rao
Where: Imran Khan's mehendi and wedding ceremonies

"The serious, intellectual director who doesnt care about clothes". Puh-lease, even the village idiot has better dressing sense!! Stop trying so hard to be "quirky".

Who: Kangana Ranuat
Where: Hrithik Roshan's B'day party

I love the retro print and the shoes but Kangana wears it the only way she knows. Short and it reveals way too much!! Get it together, Kangana.


Cinderella said...

Cmon give Kangna some credit...she just got new boobies. :|

Sam B said...

Kangana looks scary! :P Im loving karisma's top.

asian wedding ideas said...

Kiran Rao...why why oh why!!! mind you she has aamir as arm candy so she prob doesn't care what she wears

style'n said... is cute on Karisma but pants too long..and none of the other looks are doing it for me!

Anonymous said...

hahhhaha at Palloo's comment!! hahahahahhahahaa :D :D :D

Karisma's top really is good and agree with you on Bips looks too!

Harman said...

..yep karisma looks good..pants are long ,kangana looks weird!!agree on Bips too...
Kiran,,looks way to low..EWW!!
Saree specially!!

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