Thursday, July 29, 2010

Daily dose of Sonam & Aisha gang

Who: Sonam Kapoor
Where: (L) The Twilight Saga: Eclipse - Mumbai Premiere, (R) At Fever FM

So what do you think? Is she forgiven for yesterday's appearance? Sonam decided to do classy and chic today. The stunning blue dress is from CUE - a label by Rohit Gandhi and Rahul Khanna, which she wore with clutch and pumps. The simple but elegant black dress is from Whistles, accessorized with CD bag and black the blue dress and CD bag:-)

Who: Ira Dubay
Where: (L) The Twilight Saga: Eclipse - Mumbai Premiere, (R) At Fever FM

Two different events, same exact pose - the neck is titled at the same angle!! Someone has been practicing in front of the mirror:-)
I think I am in love with the divinely draped Varun Bahl nude asymmetrical dress. Ira wisely didn't over-accessorize and completed her look with Grey printed peep-toes. Her Fever FM is nothing to write about..

Who: Amrita Puri
Where: (L) The Twilight Saga: Eclipse - Mumbai Premiere, (R) At Fever FM

Wow, I am really impressed!! What is the budget for this movie's promotion?? And the sidekicks are better dressed than the Star:P
I am having a tough time deciding which one I like better. The bright green bandage-style dress by Elise Overland or the floral print pink/purple, no,, green..

Who: Lisa Haydon
Where:The Twilight Saga: Eclipse - Mumbai Premiere

One is lonely number:( Lisa was not present for the FM promotions but made it up at the premiere in an elegant Mandira Wirk dress with tulip hemline. Looks like a laser cut pattern and the shoes are really cool.

So which dress did u like best?


Tanvi said...

Amrita's green dress is standing out to me! She is really look cute in both her appearances.

Sonam is looking lovely in both her avtaars.

I like Ira's two looks too. But do not like that posture of clicking pictures [by personal experience ;) haha] it comes out always very un-ladylike. She needs to practice another 'pose' in the mirror for the primere and release!

The Goddess of Boho said...

Aah simply fabulous! I want that blazer! No, I want all of these outfits!

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