Monday, July 26, 2010

Delhi Couture Week'10 - Manav Gangwani

Manav presented his collection of Day 3 of Delhi Couture week. His collection was inspired by the movie "An Affair to rememmber" and consisted of gowns, saris and leghengas in bright red, metallic greys and turquoise. He mixed a lot of traditional embroidery with Swarovski crystals. The thing that struck me most was the dramatic headgear - I can totally see Rihanna and Lady Gaga hoarding them:-) "My brand is meant only for women who are bold and can carry any outfit with panache and confidence. I believe in dressing up like a true princess," says Gangwani. I loved the architectural details of his outfits and here are some of my top picks..

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Dusk said...

Oh dear Goddess... that blue sari ensemble... I need it. NEED.

Indian designers have the flair, creative genius and elan of Gianni Versace, Lacroix at his height, Thierry Mugler, Azzedine Alaia, and ilk. I love it. So bored with the western fashion industry.

Tanvi said...

Top Left is what's attracting me the most. Off the ramp, I always find his work very monotonous and same all the time. But this is all very creative!

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