Monday, July 19, 2010

Who wore it better?

Left: Koena Mitra at Waves Concert, Feb 2010
Right: Guest at Percept anniversary bash, July 2010

Do you like ur yellow with neon pink or silver? The dress is bright and perky and I would go with silver - the lesser of the two evils..

Who rocks the yellow dress?
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Tamanna A. Shaikh said...

Koena Mitra hands down. Even though the clucth is fuchsia, it somehow doesn't look garish to me. :)

Am I biased towards dusky Bengali beauties or what? :P

And how does Koena resemble Bipasha here?

Tamanna A. Shaikh said...

Reply to my latest post: Awww Sonali daahling, thank you sooo much!! I'm really so flattered honey :)

I bought the dress from a local designer here in Austin, so it might just be one of its kind! :| I can find it out for you. I guess they must have striped numbers in UO or American Apparel.

Haina ekdam bollywood dhinchaak type? :) I was in an utter summery mood! :)

Vintage Vixen said...

Pretty dress! I'm going for Koena because I'm adoring the clashing colours. x

Shreya said...

Koena ... *only* for the neon pink ! Yellow and neon makes a good clash!

Poorna said...

Yep - the clutch really makes the dress pop! Nice to see a Bollywood star holding a decent handbag for a change, where it seems like a focal point rather than an after thought.

Naina said...

I think they both look cute..okay Koena maybe a bit better. BUT, I love the silver clutch with the dress! I think the bright yellow dress is eye catching enough so I like the subtle silver clutch. Looks sophisticated !

Splurgerina said...

Neither...I usually LOVE the yellow and fuchsia combination but something just isn't right with Koena!

Tanvi said...

Okay! I checked this post via phone and replied neither on twitter. I thought I will make my point again! Haha

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