Thursday, July 1, 2010

Style Diaries

Who: Kangana Ranaut
Where: Alcatel Mobile Ice 3 Mobile Event

Whoa!!What happened to her?? Kangana is fashion roadkill with the shapeless dress, tacky shoes and oily makeup. She looks like she just rolled out of bed - one hot mess!!

Who: Amrita Rao
Where: IHLS private screenings

Yup, you can stop rubbing ur eyes. That is Amrita. After inflicting one atrocity after another on the red carpet, Amrita is actually, you know..ummm, ummmm, yikes, I cant bring myself to say this but *cough* looking good *cough*. Who would have thought she had it in her:-) Beautiful dress in a gorgeous color.. I would have picked different shoes but I am not complaining!!

Who: Soniya Mehra
Where: IHLS private screening

Cute summery top paired with ripped skinnies and a fringe bag..Perfect for the movies!!

Who: Sonam Kapoor
Where: IHLS private screening

Sonam attended IHLS private screenings yesterday as well as today. Talk about self-love!! Yesterday, she wore a really boring black on black ensemble with a Chanel chain bag. Today she wore "see no evil, hear no evil, do no evil" skull t-shirt with grey skinnies, blazer and combat boots. Of course, she carried another drool worthy bag - Balenciaga Giant Part time bag...This is it, I am raiding her closet. Need volunteers - will split the loot:-)

Who: Guest
Where: IHLS private screenings

I spotted a guest at the screening wearing black on black same as Sonam. Whereas Sonam's look was sleep inducing, the Guest upgraded her look by adding a low-slung belt and gold bling-bling. She also wore beige shoes....

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Tanvi said...

Woah! Role reversal - Kangna and Amrita wore each other's clothes may be? :P Good for Amrita! Finally a decent appearance. Soniya looks alright but Sonam looks really 'yawn!'

sepo said...

what has kangana done to her lips...!
she used to be one pretty girl

Lazy Pineapple said...

Kangana's dress was bleh...and Amrita...just looked so good...really shocking...
Sonam really disappointed me with her outfits :(

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