Monday, July 19, 2010

Events: One fitness/spa launch

Left: Neha Dhupia, Right: Urvashi Sharma

Both, Neha and Urvashi, wore one-shoulder orange outfits to a spa/fitness opening. I would love to see Urvashi do some jumping jacks in that dress:-) Although I love the color and draping of her dress, Urvashi looks a little over-dressed for a fitness/spa opening..

Totally digging Neha's outfit and her delicate collar bones. I am not going to disagree with someone who has the guts to wear suede boots in hot summer. All I can think about is leg sweat!! Wont be surprised if she gives herself a heat stroke!!

Left: Neha Dhupia, Right: Urvashi Sharma

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Cinderella said...

The concept of the boots beats me. Just chappals woulda done it so much better.

Vintage Vixen said...

Neha looks fabulous but those boots are just wrong! Chappals would have been a better option, it's not like she's even outdoors. x

Persis Shah said...

i love neha's top too! but suede shoes in mumbai in any season leave me with ???

Tanvi said...

Love Love Love Neha's top! Not so much the boots!

Splurgerina said...

Dhupia looks great in that that color on her!

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