Monday, March 1, 2010

55th Filmfare Awards - Gowns Galore

Who: Kangana Ranuat

What a dreamy concoction!! I just adore the gown - the cut, color and silver embellishments. Not sure what she is trying to do with her hair - Medusa look?? I wish she had put more effort in her hair and makeup. And smile, Kangana, smile:-)

Who: Lara Dutta with Mahesh Bhupathi

You either loved it or hated it. I loved it from the get go, the whole bohemian look that Lara does so well. How beautiful is the print and swirls of colors of this dress?? She wisely chose to keep her makeup unfussy. Lara's fresh look hit just the right note for the occasion.

On a gossipy note, is she seeing Mahesh or was he just a date for the evening??

Who: Minissha Lamba

Mugdha, watch out, you have competition!! Minissha is trying to wrestle the worst-dressed award from you!! Sigh, how could she even choose this thing?? The outfit looks like two in one - sari and dress. The hot pink color and the flowers at the waist give it a very gaudy/cheap effect. And if that wasn't enough she combined gold clutch with silver jewelery!!

Who: Giselle Monterio

Giselle wore an asymmetrical dress in a classic mermaid shape. The color, eye-popping blue, is little bright for me and the ruffle definitely has to go. It overwhelms her frame. I would have preferred a knee length dress in this color or this dress but in a deeper shade of blue. Since the dress is so bright, silver earring without the ruby would have looked classier.

Who: Bipasha Basu

Bipasha goes for an old-school glamorous look here. Nicely fitted dress that accentuates her figure. The top half of the dress looks too busy, though. What do you guys think?

Other gowns

Left: Celina (another prom dress??)
Right: Sameer Reddy (like!)

Left: Amrita Rao (totally dig the gentle shading)
Right: Dia (bland dress, terrible hair)

Best dressed in gown award goes to :

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