Monday, March 1, 2010

55th Filmfare Awards - The battle of the minis

Who: Sonia Mehra

Rather than just going for a simple solid cocktail dress or making a safe choice, Sonia picks something interesting with strappy shoes. Very rarely, do I get to see western outfits that have the traditional embroidery. And the light color palette makes her ensemble a superb choice for Mumbai nights.Her hair is also done up to go with the sophisticated look of the dress. Two thumbs up!!

Who: Genelia D'souza

A bubble hemline, poof on the bottom, can either look cute and hip or totally unfashionable, depending on how you wear it. I think its quite difficult for anyone to wear a bubble dress and look appropriate..So is she fab or drab? I will go with drab since I didn't like anything about this look - the black camisole, the shirred top, the tacky pink buckle on the shoe. Two thumbs down!!

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